A New Country Heard From

Once again, it’s been quite a while since the last update. We aim to remedy that now and in the future.

When everyone is busier than one-armed paper-hangers working on the reason the site exists, it’s difficult to spare any time for other activities, even those relating to the project itself. To address the inherent difficulty, Baron Engel and I, Dave Bryant, have been brought on board to take some of the burden off Robert, who is typing as fast as he can on the Roan rulebook.

Baron is one of the illustrators for the project and has provided advice and support in the areas of world-building, art direction, and promotion. I’m the professional graphic designer and typesetter who’s been laying out the book in Adobe® InDesign®. When shiny new copies emerge from the print house, they’ll be the product not only of our efforts, but those of many other writers, artists, and supporters—financial or otherwise.

Current Events

The three of us attended Babscon in Burlingame (a city on the Peninsula just south of San Francisco Airport) the weekend of 21–24 April and had a grand time. Not only that, but Baron enjoyed brisk sales in the art show and at the dealer’s table we tended throughout the convention, and Robert sold two dozen or more pre-orders for the rulebook in hardcover, PDF, or both.

As we announced to attendees who visited our table, the book is roughly three-quarters finished. Our goal is to go to press in late May 2016, with fulfillment of orders happening in June. Robert and Baron will be at Bronycon and intend to have stacks of books with them for sale.

Future Posts

We’ll try to have a new post up on this Web site on a weekly basis—Wednesday if possible. One of the three of us will dash off some sort of update, even a short one, with new information or images. I will provide a few sample pages to show everyone what the overall design looks like. Baron will share some of his illustrations and world-building sketches. Robert will issue important bulletins. (“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Roan and all the ships at sea! Flash!”)

—Dave Bryant, Catspaw DTP Services

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