Audience participation time!

Here’s a chance to contribute more little bits of content to the rulebook.

A part of the book’s front matter will be a mock-up of a souvenir mini-magazine, written and designed as if it really were a publication in the Roan universe. While discussing some of the possibilities with Robert, an inspiration came to me.

Anyone who’s read comic books or magazines from the old days (for which read the 1970s and before; yes, I’m a graybeard) has seen those peculiar and often unintentionally hilarious mini-advertisements that used to fill the back pages and inside covers. They were set in small type, crowded together by the dozens, and occasionally graced—if that’s the word—with small, blobby, amateurish illustrations. But they had a unique charm redolent of a bygone era.

What if, I proposed to Robert, we fill the mock-magazine’s “inside back cover” with zillions of those little advertisements?

He responded enthusiastically, and so I bring to you this chance to submit your own serious, silly, and satirical mock-advertisements. They can be bits of world-building, plot hooks, character hooks, red herrings, jokes, or just plain weirdness. Personal ads, mail-order solicitations, self-help offers, recruitment come-ons—the sky’s the limit.

As always, we reserve the right to accept or refuse any submission, and to edit or rewrite to fit the style and space available. Go thou and brainstorm!

—Dave Bryant, graphic designer

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