November 5th Special Baron Stream!

Saturday November 5th starting at 5:30pm Pacific, I’ll be streaming on Picarto to help raise money and raise awareness of Jenn Blake’s :iconponygoddess: GoFundMe drive Link . On that evening there will be two drawings to win art that I will be creating that evening.

The first is a simple black and white sketch that I will create during the first part of the show. The second will be a color piece that I will start during the stream. Watchers who are in the chat stream that evening will have two opportunities to win:

1. If you post the link to Jenn’s Blake’s GoFundMe page on your FaceBook, Twitter,  your DA, FA journal, or other social media, and provide Caerdwyn or I with a link during the stream to your site or page your name will be into a drawing to win the B/W sketch. This way watchers who cannot give money to the cause can still help it by spreading the word and boosting awareness of the drive.

2. If you give money to the Jenn’s GoFundMe during the stream and provide some comment on the GoFundMe page like “Baron sent me” when you make the donation, and then inform us in the chat during the stream; your name entered into a drawing to win the color piece.

Over $30,000 has been raised already, but anyone who has dealt with a serious medical problem knows that is not that much money. Also Jenn has other expenses that she must confront on top of her medical bills just to survive. Every bit helps

To hit the stream, click the art pony below!Birdhorse streaming this Saturday 5-30pm by Baron-Engel

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