Roan News – Bluæns of the Sea!


Art by Crecious

Forgotten by the land, Bluæns have lived well below the ocean for nearly half a century. Unlike their Kelpish cousins, these sea ponies have resorted to living in nomadic bands known as “Pods.”

These pods have a yearning for knowledge and many will be found gathering together in congregation to share knowledges that they have discovered from below the sea.

As of recently, many younger Bluæns have taken to traveling over the land, to discover what secrets lay within the drylands as they have come to call the world above the waters.

To these sea ponies, the world above is rife with knowledge for them to collect, and collect it they will!


Hello fellow Roan fans, and Roan wanderers, today I bring to you the Bluæns of the sea, and to follow, stats for creating your very own sea pony for adventuring!
I do hope you all had a great October, now that we’ve entered into November. I myself am still busy slaving away with boxes to get things packed and sent, and preparing for the next Roan expansion, Roan: World at War!

Till then, have a great time everybody!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

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