So far, there has been positive notice for #Bronycon,  sadly Baron Engel and I won’t be having a table at #Babscon as it seems they had already filled up, thus he and I + the Roan RPG are now on the wait list.

But we do have a Babscon Panel to promote the Roan RPG, so 1 + 1 can = -1 somehow…

We do look forward to hearing news about Bronycon, as I was hot on the gun with filling out the vendor applications asap!

Since Babscon seems to be failing us, we’ve already put work into getting to EQLA so for those going there, you might see a Baron Engel and Clear Skies along with Roan RPG books and additional products!


Now on to other news, I’ve about 50 books sitting here, and I’m waiting on bills and the next paycheck so I can get these out! Its been a real foot slog, and of course its the New Year! This means the good old US Government is expecting my W2’s and such, so here is hoping that Uncle Sam is kind to all of us!

I do apologize on how slow things may have gotten, but be sure to expect a growing list of content, as I’ve already been in touch with my writers on additional adventure paths!

If you feel you are a worthy writer who wants a chance at having an adventure path, or campaign presented, leave a message and I’ll see about getting to you!

On some awesome news, the Brony Show has begun streaming there game using my ROan RPG System!


Enjoy, and expect an official video stream of the Roan RPG soon enough!

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