Lazy Company Special Sunday Feature!

1 The_Suit_Makes_the_Pony

Meet Engel!

Engel is aptly named, as it means Angel in German, and she is certainly a wonderful angel on the battlefield. As Lazy Companies head medic, she ensures the health and care of her fellow Roans in arms.

Off-post though, Engel gets to be a bit of a pick pocket, stealing the clothing from others to put them on for special occasions! She certainly loves a good suit, a cosplay, or a costume or two!

Here we see Engel doing her best to pickup a nice girl or guy, wonder if that Toaster is willing to go with her!

Engel is an automaton, one of many who gained a spiritual sentience in the world of Roan, and contrary to most sci-fi events, these automatons were actually welcomed with open hooves, all because the Roan citizens themselves had only been slaves a hundred years ago, it has made for quite an understanding, and desire to offer freedom and liberty to others!

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