After Easter Babscon Report!


Lazy Company gives everyone a big howdy do for Easter!
Art by the wonderful RavenPuff

Babscon was extremely successful! I for once went home with having to ship only a single box of many ordered, meaning many books were moved to many fans.

I still have a lot of art though for Bomber girls and for those who want one, I will be putting up an order form asking for email and home address so as to prep shipping and mailing. All because national and international shipping is very different.

Keep an eye open.

To all the fans at Babscon, thank you for stopping by and supporting Roan.

A call out is going to be made on twitter to help players and GMs find each other to run more Roan games!

Need a PDF go to DriveThruRPG by the icon link on the menu bar of the Roan website.

Expect the Hardback to be made available soon as a Print on Demand title!

2 thoughts on “After Easter Babscon Report!

  1. One of the many people who bought the book from your stand. Love the book, going to run a game online with my friends soon! Look forward to see future developments of the system. May RNGesus grant you favor!

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