Lazy Camp! 4-6-2018


Uh oh, not quite the morning Cause was expecting!

Art again by the lovely RavenPuff

Good afternoon/morning/evening to everyone and I do hope all you Babscon’ers had a safe trip home!

Babs was great, and I ended up leaving with less product than I brought, which is extremely good for Roan!

I had the pleasure of meeting many amazing people, Late Customer, White Diamond, Urban Meadows, Dusty Katt, KP, and more. Many talented folks that are creators, artists, voice actors, and reviewers, and I do hope to see many of them again!

I also give my thanks to Baron Engel and Co for putting up with me and for sharing many great stories!

Expect more news and even videos of myself explaining Roan as time goes on!

Future works include an Adventure against “The Nightmare” written by LateCustomer and hopefully will also have art by him, WhiteDiamond, and possibly AssassinMonkey!

I am looking forward to more work being put into Roan World at War as well as a supplement adventure pack based on the “Heavenly Bawdy”

As for the rest, a big thanks and hope that I can continue to create more Roan content, and to see folks help get the word out on the Roan game itself!

Clear Skies

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