Lazy Company! – 5-25-2018


A silly two pager to remind everyone, that mommy will always have your back!

Looks like Clyde is going to have to let his mom know that soldiers will slug it, rain or shine, rain or hail!

Again amazing work from @RavenPuff, CLick this sentence to see her Deviantart!


Roan News

With EFNW convention over, some of my writers/artists have returned and are going to be putting work towards some Roan adventures which you all can expect to see, run, and enjoy from DriveThruRPG.

I’ve nearly finished the adventure I’ve ran at Babscon, and then it is back to grinding away the numbers, and the story for World at War!

So till then, keep an eye on things here, and enjoy this upcoming Memorial Holiday!

Speaking of Memorial, I forgot to post the donation that I made to the Night Stalker 160th Foundation in support to the Special Forces located in Ft. Campbell KY!

My father was a member all the way, and I am both proud of the support they gave me during my schooling, and the support they gave my father as a soldier! An awesome family, and the greatest Special Forces ever! (Yes I am a bit bias on this one!)

Clear Skys LLC Donation to 160th Night Stalker Association.png

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