Lazy Company – 12-15-2018 World at War News

To think, there is an entire family of these guys!

Afternoon folks and sorry for the delay on today’s Lazy Company!

As always art is done by my fantastic friends, this one was done by MechyFox so go check out his other works!

So Roan World at War, I nearly have the weapons package completed, it has taken a bit as I have to balance out how you arm an entire platoon, and allow for those bonuses to be calculated when tossing the dice.

Also I had to figure out how to treat supply and resupply. In this case, working on an abstract level as usual. If the Platoon is considered to be under-supplied, they are penalized dice from their dice pool to represent low food, morale, and ammunition. Specialty weapons such as anti-material rifles are unusable due to no ammo being left, so it is important to keep a strong supply line open for yourself and your friends Platoon!

If you want to join the testing group just click this sentence!

For those who have already joined, expect a new update come Sunday for better or for Worse!

Additions to the rules are the Critical Damage rule set, as well as description of how Armor Pen, Structural Armor Pen, Damage Reduction, and Structural Damage Reduction work!

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