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Happy Holidays all!

I hope folks will be enjoying Christmas or any other Holiday they celebrate!

Writings have been speeding full ahead, with the background stories for the four additional races coming along very well!

The re-clean of the book is about 75% of the way, with the final sets of edits coming in, as well as news from my testers on balances they feel are needed to make sure things aren’t getting to silly!

For the coming XMAS a present for you all, some sneak peak art!

Mistress - Femme Fatale final.png

Art by TiredPie

Art above by MechyFoxy

Pony Fusilier 01

By Baron Engel


Good evening to many of you!

Especially those whom I’ve had a great time chatting with during Baron Engels stream!

So to begin, or rather end such a great weekend, one that included seeing the new Peanuts movie, which I do recommend you all see!

I’ve some art to show off detailing a bit of the Roans firearms technology and how magic integrates into the system using a kind of caseless style ammunition!

Pony guns 01 pony rifle 01

Two awesome pieces from Baron Engel!

I look forward to providing more, as currently the book continues with its growth in story, edits for mechanics, and details for the new additions!

Till next time folks, game on!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies


Skill artwork by Zilof and Colors by Asian Mike

If you want to see Zilof at work, please hop into his stream and give him a hello!

News on Roan work – The writing for its culture is going well, and I’m looking out for artists who like designing maps as my previous choice of artists is rather swamped with work!

All is going well, and I’m hoping that I’ll have artwork of the Mirages to show off to you all!

Till then, I’ll do my best to continue updating you all!

Game on!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies



Just a word to many of you who have been waiting on Roan.

Them’s Fightin Herds is near the end of its Indiegogo and they are fighting hard for the last few scraps of cash to succeed!

For those who didn’t know, this game originally began as the 2D fighter known as “Mane 6” but due to legal issues, they had to stop that project, which in turn, gave birth to Them’s Fightin Herds, with art by the great Lauren Faust.


They’ve been hard at work with this project, and I myself would be happy to see all their work succeed as they have a strong group of developers, writers, and of course artists!

What about Roan?

I’ve collected numerous backer designed ponies and their story for the Roan book, and I’m still hoping some stragglers will get back to my messages as I don’t want to wait to long!

In the case of writing, about 40% of the book has been reviewed and its grammar cleaned, but it does not include the writings for the four additional playable species.

The Roan book will include the Mirages, Gryphons, Canidians, and Automaton Ponies!

They will have minor art, a small back story, and rules on how to build and use them.

As well I’ve been having fun chatting and obtaining artwork from some great artists which I will definitely be showing off to you all!

ADMINRALBUSHTAIL Canidian in the Rain doggun dogposter shibu

Until next time folks, I certainly look forward to Roan printing once everything is completed!

Game on!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies



Good evening everyone!

Roan has been rather busy these days, with 4 additional species being added to the book and discussing settings or characters with backers, things are ramping up to be a busy year!

I’m looking forward to this book publishing and certainly want to hear about the adventures you all have!

Continue to keep an eye out on us, and I truly appreciate the support you’ve all given!

Information about additional content that can be purchased will appear here in Roan, so certainly be ready!

Robert M.



By Dori-to Pony

Don’t you hate it when a well planned campaign finishes so quickly!

Also Three Cheers!

We’ve not only hit the 16K mark, but our 17K mark!

A lot of discussion has been underway of a possible 18K goal that would offer players specially made NPC and Item decks, but also a Roan Themed series for the Twilight ShipFic game!

Be on the look out and also!


Seriously, I know I’ve got a lot of writing coming at me now, with the extended species being added to the book now, and I look forward to it, and hearing about everyone’s characters and adventures!

Sincerely with my most heartfelt thanks

Robert M. aka Clear Skies


Adorable art by Gamer Pony


Because of your help and support, and I do mean all of you!

Roan has succeeded in passing its 15K mark and we still have the stretch goals to go with just slightly over a week to go!

This in no way means that I am done though, with edits, and additional content to prepare for, contents that will come from so many of the backers who are helping this project. Roan is certainly going to be keeping me busy and it will be keeping artists happy with plenty of work!

To you all, I truly thank you again and appreciate the support!

The gauntlet has been thrown down though, now those expansions are going to be put into first gear work once the initial book releases!

Art by the anon again whose beautiful works continue to astound me!

Again thank you all, and continue to enjoy little sneak peeks as they pop up!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies


I’d like to give a few shout outs to some wonderful folks! The guys at ponyfinder have done a lot to help put us on the map, and I would like to return the favor!


To check out their kickstarter, click the image! They are working on pushing out an expansion and like us, are offering a lot of cool swag!

As for us, we have a new swag addition which we want to offer to those who place in for the $30 USD tier or higher!


For those who’ve already enjoyed them, Buck Legacy the Card Game adventure has created a special edition Buck Legacy card game for you all to enjoy!

Our current KS status puts us at nearly 13K which means we are almost at our goal!

I wanted to give all of you the thanks of myself, the artists, and the writers who have been supporting this project, and prepare yourself, we have a special guest NPC that will be appearing in the book!




Original art by InLucidReverie

Animated by Equumamici

Feel that breeze as it runs through your mane, so majestic, so comforting!

Just don’t think about anyone else that might be creeping up on your from behind!

Many of you are wondering about how the game system works, and what makes it so unique!

I have been working on a short video series which will help detail the ins and outs of the Roan system and Ubiquity and how they will help provide you an exciting time in Roan!

We’ve broken 75% and certianly look like we are on our way to a successful campaign! I certainly hope we will breach the Stretch Goals in order to provide even more content for you all!



Tricksy bartender77dpi

Roan certainly has its parties, but just because most Roans are good and gentle pony folk, doesn’t mean all of them are.

Careful, a smile and a free drink with a little saltz added to it will surely ruin your day, even your reputation!

Amazing piece by again the anonymous artist who wishes to stay hidden!



We’ve reached $10,500!

We approach ever closer to our goal, and I want to again personally thank so many of your for helping the project, through backing it, through signal boosts, and through your faith in us and that we are going to bring you an amazing game!

Roan has been quite a learning experience and one that we hope you all will enjoy when this young sapling finally bears fruit!

Continue to keep an eye on us, as we update you upon the KS status and Roans status!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies



A short tale of Skyron

The Roans were quickly growing in agriculture and industry, yet they lacked a proper military.

Where the other species around the world were well ahead of them in terms of armament and vehicle manufacturing, the Roans were far behind, with only the few airships that they had obtained during the war, and even those were in desperate need of repairs and upgrades.

Thus the Roan command argued, debated, and argued some more over what would be the best course of action to reinforce their military!

Thus it landed upon the shoulders of the Roan engineering and science core to pull something together.

This wold certainly be a heavy burden of responsibility, as they tried

and tried

and tried

but in the end, nothing worked out, and they had quite a lot of paper work to fill out about the loss of a couple hundred birds.

Their morale was sinking as quickly as their inspiration for more airship designs, and soon a pony would find the entire Roan engineering and science branch in a sad sad stupor.

It was tough times indeed, with so much riding upon them to help our future, and like science itself, sometimes it takes an accident to make something real!


Unexpectedly, they had combined the elements of steel and cloud material imbued with aether magic, and with a powerful crash of magic and sparks, the two merged into one.

Testing was necessary!

They put it through durability tests, heat test, cold tests, and more just to see what it could withstand.

It could certainly withstand plenty!

No worries folks, no bat pony engineer was truly harmed!

Besides, he has a hard head upon his shoulders!


It came to be, and aptly named for its strength, durability, and extreme lightweight meant that the Roans could quickly pick up speed in the race for technology and Airship advancement!

To the tumultuous cheers of the Roan citizens, the Engineers and Scientists blessed their first Airship with a mighty send off, with new dreams of the future and where it would take them!

This amazing comic set was done by Zilof whose art you can find at his tumblr and DA page.

Enjoy this little story about Roans advances in technology and give this guy some watches, his art is amazing!

As always, we are working hard to provide you with fun updates for Roan, which almost touches 9K, folks this means we are extremely close to our goal, and with your help, in backing, and signal boosts, we will reach said goal!

Thank you, all of you for your continued help and support!




A sneak peak for all you followers of the Roan comic that is being done. It will showcase the rules and how they work, as well as give you something to enjoy and chuckle at!

Roan has entered into another day, and we are very close to the 9K mark and from their 10K!

Folks, we are treading ever so closely to the end goal, and I certainly do appreciate the help that many of you have offered via signal boosts, tweets, facebook posts and more!

Continue to keep an eye on us, and we look forward to great success!

Thank you all for the support and being part of this great movement!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies



Ratavarian scavenger 700hRatvarian Consumer500H

Some have wondered, exactly how bad can things get for the Roans, when it comes to the Ratvarian menace.


Until this day, no Roan has ever met a sane Ratvarian, and those few who do believe in the existence of these creatures, believe there is no possible way for a Ratvarian to be sane.

Insanity is the life of a Ratvarian, and only in consuming, does one live but a moments time in clarity of the world. This constant cycle though only drives them further into madness, a tunnel that seems to be a very abyss of pure chaos.

So remember, when you tuck your foals in, to check under the bed, and in the closest…for monsters are real, and they like to hide, waiting for the right moment.

Be safe you all!

Clear Skies

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek, and as always support us and help boost the signal!



Ratvarians, who are they?

Oroborous Guards+LogoRat-Sputin Advisor+ LogoRatvarian Noble+LogoQuick Oroborous guard sketch 01 + Logo

It is a good question, and one even the Roan ponies ask themselves.

Are they but a foals tale to keep children good at night?

Ratvarians were once mere rodents that scurried about the land, infesting everything with their ilk and consuming all that they could feast upon.

Then the Aether wars came, and with it, a smorgasbord of corpses, corpses laced with devastating lethal magic, and slowly this magic turned these little rodents into lumbering creatures, and from creatures to thinking intelligent beings of pure discordance.

None have yet to run into a peaceful Ratvarian, many believe they actually don’t exist, but the few who do, will tell you tales of whispers in the dark, beady eyes upon eyes, and extremities that shouldn’t exist.

Whispers of sweet promises can be heard from these horrific beings, where their terrible visage is masked by angelic voices to entice you to do more chaotic deeds.

How much of the Roans have learned, you will find out as time goes on!

Please give Stedilnik a watch and as always, we are grateful for your support!

As always watch Roan for more news and please do spread the news of the Kickstarter!

How can one know thy enemy, when the enemy seeks to be unknown!


Thank you all!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies



A sneak peek of the Roan card made specially for Urban Meadows Buck Legacy. Art by the awesome Mindy aka OMGproductions.

Roan began, a long long time ago as a Buck Legacy rpg system that I was writing up. Unfortunately Buck Legacy the card game got so large so quick, that Urban did not have the time to be able to sit with me, thus after a little chat, we figured it best to allow the rpg to become something new.

Thus I took the near 80 pages of mechanics that I worked upon and began refining it into its own unique world.

Because ponyfinder existed, there was no way I could work upon the game as a fantasy realm, but that was alright, for I always enjoyed the history of our great wars as well as the 20s era as well.

Ideas came to mind of a world where airships encountering the strange and terrifying in the sky.

Where ponies would seek out the lost forgotten kingdoms, thought to be plundered and left to rot so long ago.

Where the toughest and bravest venture forth under heavy fire against opposing forces, be they the Canidians, the Gryphons, or the Ratvarians.

That is Roan. A world of colorful creatures, a setting that sits pon the edge of a knife, where all but the gentlest nudge can send it spiraling into epic wars or perilous adventures into forgotten territories.

This is the world I have envisioned to give to you all to venture forth into.

As well, many of you may question the names presented in the stretch goals. Names like Ross Watson, or Michael Surbrook.

Ross Watson is an award-winning game designer with more than 50 RPG books under his belt, many as Lead Developer for the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay line. He was a core developer on the Dust Warfare and Shadowrun: Sprawl Gangers miniature game teams, and the lead writer for the Darksiders II console and PC game. He has written or contributed to books for 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and Malifaux: Through the Breach. Ross consults with companies on narrative, design, development, and IP management issues.

He is also a great friend of mine, whom I was introduced to by Michael Surbrook

Michael’s written several books completely of his own for the Hero System, including 5th edition’s Ninja Hero (one of the best books of that edition), the Asian Bestiaries, and his own campaign setting, Kazei 5.
Kazei 5 was originally a digital product for 4th edition Champions, and I ran across it not long after finding Michael’s site. The “animepunk” aesthetic of the setting really fired up my imagination, and I used it as a basis for creating my own campaign (based more on Silent Moebius than Bubblegum Crisis), Shadows Angelus.
Later on, I had the opportunity to work with Michael on a number of books for the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay line, including Creatures Anathema (where Michael presented lovely gribbly creatures like the Simulacra), the Radical’s Handbook, Blood of Martyrs, and Battlefleet Koronus.
In addition to his books, Michael is a prolific writer for periodicals, and I believe he has written more articles for Haymaker!, EZ Hero, and Digital Hero than any other author.

Oddly enough, Mike is also one of my rpg buddies whom I game with each weekend, and generally we enjoy the verbal gags that we constantly seem to have in our games.

These two have offered to help in Roan, with writing settings and offering extraordinary creatures for your Roans to encounter.

The Kickstarter currently sits at $6,820 USD,almost near the 50% mark thanks to all of you amazing people!

As always please help by boosting the Roan Signal, and know that us, the creators, artists, and writers of Roan, are all excited, and already working out details for the future Roan Expansions to bring you balanced race stats for the other species, the War Campaign book with rules for vehicle design and additional combat mechanics.

Click the link below!

Thank you all, I say this with my deepest gratitude to you all!

Robert Morris aka Clear Skies

Layout Artists supporting Roan
I am currently chatting with a friend of Baron’s. A pro layout artist who I shall hire to help put the book together in a clean and professional layout!
Check the above to learn more about his work/portfolio!
As always the kickstarter is still moving along, and we have reached 6.5K! That puts us at about 44%
Again you all have my thanks and I will continue to look to you wonderful Roans to help keep the signal boosting!

8-13-2015 Kickstarter Addition!

Due to the quick rise of the Kickstarter, a special slot has been opened!

20 slots at 100$
Obtain the hardback book, PDF AND a character piece drawn by your choice of one of the artists.

This character piece will also be cropped and placed upon a character sheet for you!

Please take a look at the deal, and please continue to help us grow this amazing games world!

Click the image below!


Broad Sword calling Ponyboy – Signing out!
Clear Skies

Saddle up Roans! It is a go!

Bronycon is amazing so far, with thousands of wonderful fans, and Roan has officially launched!

Click below!!!



Roan Tumblr

I look forward to any support as well as a success so that I can work with more artists and even great writers to bring you all more settings, campaigns, and species to play as!

Thank you for coming along for the ride!

Robert M.

If you wish to come see us, stop by Booth 431!

July 20th 2015

Its madness is contagious, yet its power is fulfilling,
always wanting, yet never satisfied.

by InLucidReverie

Aether, it lives within all of us creatures, yet like the air we breathe, it can punish us when we relish in its excess.

When a pony finds themselves in an area with too much Aether, they will begin to fill small spikes of pain as their blood begins to crystallize.

In its infancy, it can be quickly treated, or even left alone and allowed to heal naturally, the body working overtime in a feverish state to expel the excess mana.

Yet if a pony is not able to find help, they will find themselves going mad first from the pain, then from unknown whispers within the aether itself, some say they hear promises of truth and fortune, while others hear of pain and injustice.

At its worst, pony inflicted by aether madness will be gibbering words, and infused with an impossible strength, attacking all around them,

Roans must be warned, to attack this mad pony, you risk them exploding in a burst of miasma, many are found feverish having stopped a mad pony.


I’m hard at work, from having finally made my business, to readying up a script for Roans Kickstarter.

I hope to begin presenting more and more works for you all and soon to present to you all, the unknown anarchists – Ratvarians –

Till then, game on folks!

Clear Skies

July 7th 2015

New bit of art and some news folks!

I’m currently dealing with the business side of things, as well as layout and documentation, the joys of hard labor!

I do give to you a fun little distraction, for those who might wonder, how would the ponies deal with working the finer mechanics of these planes in general!


Thanks to partnerships with the Canidians, the Roans were able to develop their own set of mechanical grapplers called H.A.N.Ds or Hydraulically Articulate pNeumatic Devices.

Ponies who are not so adept with magic, are able to now work with finer tools and even weapons, thus expanding their capabilities, though they certainly have to learn they way around walking on two legs here and there!

by inlucidreverie

by inlucidreverie

A wonderful piece by :iconinlucidreverie: so big kudos for them!

A wonderful piece showing the adventurous pegasi riding as wing pony to his earth pony pilot!
An action that can certainly take place in the world of Roan rpg.

Don’t worry, handles and hoof locks exist to make sure the pegasus doesn’t go flying off on a sharp turn!

The ponies of Roan have accepted that flight is the new age of travel, and in terms of the pegasi, they are now able to find more competition in their ground bound friends!

In combat, a wing pony can be a savior, fending off opponents whom mounted your plane, or by providing repair assistance mid-flight, patching holes, or stopping leaks!

Roan aims to let players feel cool during game play, pegasi, and nocturnes can latch onto mantle points that exist  on aircraft to assist their compatriots, or to attack enemy aircraft.

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