Lazy Company – ROAN BABSCON & BRONYCON – 3-1-2019

Art by RavenPuff –

Heya folks, great news, you’ll be able to see Baron Engel, Catspaw and I at Babscon, where I have also been invited as a guest at the Salon, so if you got questions and such, stop by, have a chat!

Roan has also been approved for the grand finale of Bronycon, a great send off for the con that helped get Roan started!

Baron Engel will be there, as well as N8Dogg5k, Shonuff44, and we might have another special guest or two joining us as well!

I do hope you all have had a good February, its been a tad bumpy but its getting better, so here is to a greater rest of 2019!

Lazy Company 1-25-2019

Whew, its been a hectic month, shutdowns and all!

I have been rocking about with the weapons package for World at War, but testers should expect that update soon.

If you have any thoughts, do send them to the email provided in the newsletters as they are sent out and until then, take it easy this weekend you all!

Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 1-11-2019 – Con News

Good Evening all (Stateside at least!)

While D-Range fixes up the new bunker home, I’m working hard on the weapons section of the Roan World at War book!

Good news is countries are completed for the moment and ready for testing, but what will help testers out is having weapons to utilize!

Sorry for missing out last week, I was busy at MAG-Fest and forgot to set up the auto post, that and the Government Shutdown has been unnecessary loads of fun (as a contractor) with having to now push heavy heavy HEAVY duty time to cover missing people.

So my brain is currently prepared for sleepy sleepy times!!!

Fear not! We will be at ANTHROCON, and I am waiting for news to see if I have a possible seat at Babscon as well as Bronycon (which I have had a seat at Bronycon for nearly every year its been in Baltimore!)

Again expect special artist guests to join me, and to hear news about the World at War kickstarter and the Clear Skys LLC Video Game Development campaign (once World at War is complete)

Sincerely Clear Skys

News Years Round the Corner and Lazy Company!

An Old New Years post before the new one!
Art by RavenPuff

Salutations all and I hope you had a great Christmas, come Monday you will see the newest New Years piece from RavenPuff (link under image) and with it some cute freckly Tinker to bring out the New Years DAAAaahhhh!

Here is hoping that many of you had a good 2018 and that 2019 and beyond will be a much greater year for the better!

Robert M.