I am a professional Game Developer and 3D Graphic Artists who is writing the wonderful world of Roan.

I’ve always admired the imagination that goes into both video games, and tabletop games.

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  1. Hi Robert – nice to meet you! My name is Zoe Ritchken and I am currently producing a new television show that will be airing on a major cable network within the year. The show is similar to Shark Tank but will feature game developers who will be given the chance to pitch their game/idea to well known professionals of the gaming industry.

    We are currently casting game developers of all ages, both amateurs and professionals, and I was wondering if you would be interested in being on the show with ROAN, as I saw your Kickstarter. Along with meeting industry moguls the winner of each episode will win a cash prize, and the show will inherently give your game national exposure. I think your game is very unique, so If you’re interested in more details, please e-mail me at zoeritchken@gmail.com and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Zoe Ritchken

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