Supporting Artists

These are the Artists who are currently helping to evolve the world of Roan – Some have Patreons and if you can, please support them!

For BACKERS you will see news provided below of the following artists and the highest number of slots they can work on! Please be mindful that they have many commissions of there own, but we will all certainly make sure you get an awesome character piece or more depending on your level!


AnticularPony – –

Apple –

Aphex Angel –

AquaticSun –

Azure –

Baron Engel –

Bunnimation – –

Crecious – &


Hoobes –

Izzy –



Dori-To – –


Flytee –

GamerPony –

Inlucidreverie –

N8Dogg5k –

MinionsULtd –

OMGProductions –

PinkieDotGif –

RavenPuff –

Shonuff44 –

Spirit –

Stedilnik –

Steel Angel –

Zilof –

ZodiacNicola –


Artist I look forward to joining the team


Always looking for artists, if your interested speak with me, and we shall work together to see where you can fit with the team!


Supporting Writers and Advisors who helped evolve Roans imagination and world


Foxfire Glow –

Iain Stewart/Fuzzy

Mortikie –



Sky Buster –

Ross Watson –


Ross Watson –


Kickstarting Supporters Credited Here


The Creator


Clear Skies Game Mechanic Talk

Clear Skies aka Robert

Over 13 years experience in Game Development as a 3D Artists, programmer, and designer.

He runs the Game Mechanic site, offering insight into the Game Developers community as well as pointers for those who wish to expand their knowledge about Game Development and how they can get into the field.

From good education, proper protocol, to teaching bout the business setup, he’s worked as a consultant to support those who wish to learn more about Video Game Development.

A fan of many cartoons, and one who was asked to write up a Pony themed RPG by during the 2014 Bronycon.

His aim is to give something to support artists and get their names out, whether it be written stories, or artwork, all support with Roan helps to increase the worlds imaginative characters and landscapes.

With nods towards Crimson Skies, Guild Wars 2, My Little Pony, and Monty Python’isms and more. The aim of the game is to give GM’s a fun and easy tool to run their adventures and campaigns with, and to give players the ability to feel like true adventuring ponies!

Credit to the Systems Major Developer

Exile Games – Hollowed Earth Expedition (HEX)

Created and designed by Jeff Combos, his system is the major baseline for Roans fantasy adventure, though major additions and edits have been made to allow for Roans free magic system, Air Combat, and multiple races.

Want to add humans to the campaign, pick up HEX and make the world even more intense or comedic as you see fit!

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