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    • In fact, the Kickstarter will be going up come Bronycon.
      I learned during the creation process, that Kickstarter requires having to do a review of ones project which can take anywhere from 1 to multiple weeks (Hoping this won’t be the case).

      Expect to hear news though, and I will be posting updates shortly discussing what some backer rewards will be!

    • The game is inspired by the mlp world and more, BUT it does not sport any of the known characters, nor does it have cutie marks. This game is similar in that case to pony finder, inspiration but not copying blatantly 😀

      • I hate to be a naysayer, but Hasbro’s legal department isn’t exactly known to be very lenient and you can find many cases of C&D arising just because something ‘kinda looked’ like something else.

      • I notice folks are wondering about whether or not something like this can actually take off due to licensing. Well over all this is in the same line of Go Bots vs Transformers. Yes they offer transforming robots, but because there is a difference of plot, characters, and species, it offers enough of a difference.

        Roan is inspired by MLP, but mind you, you won’t find friendship being magic here. The world is totally set on its own, as is its creatures, creature designs, vehicles, and more! Even the pony only share the vaguest of relations and that is mostly just that they are ponies.

        I can certainly assure folks, the game is in the clear!

        I’ve worked hard and long in other projects similar to this, so be assured I am being careful!

        Thank you though, as this is a very good question!

    • Well it would certainly be awesome to see fanfiction, and there has been a lot of feedback already about people wanting to see a Roan comic series! If things can succeed, a comic series can very well be in the making!

    • Roan is both the name of the game and the setting.

      Roan is not only the game name and setting, but it is the name of the pony races as a whole!
      Included in the world are the Canidians, creative canine engineers who developed the first airships.
      Gryphons whose multicultural species have adapted a rather mind boggling caste system in order to organize its warrior class as well as its artisans. Where ruthless birds of prey mount military strategies, and songbirds sing poems and epics of these grand warriors.
      Ratvarians, chaos imbued. Anarchy with no cause but the justification of pure discordance, where all its rodent inhabitants live scattered throughout the world, yet somehow working together under one unnamed king.

      Sadly, though I may not use Equestria for this world, you GMs and Players can certainly run a tabletop rpg game within that amazing world using Roan rpg system!

      I don’t want to give everything away, but I hope this helps!


      • okay, cool. Now, is this gonna end up as a game book for paper and pencil play or online only? I have Ironclaw and Albedo and even Critter Commandos just sitting on my shelves. few people in my area play them. if you release the game in both modes I may have a chance to play on line. (texting at the Gm or other players…)

  1. Winterbeastie, first off props to you for Albedo! That was a fun game!

    The Game is a standard tabletop rpg, but the ease of its rule system (Ubiquity) allows it to work perfectly in online systems such as roll20, rpgtools and more. The benefit of the system is it pushes for roleplay and interaction, so to simply such things, the dice need to be streamlined so that you are able to get right to the action without slowing down to count up multiple stats!

    • How much will the book be going for when you get it done?, and will the game reflect differences in the canids, (the Pomerainian support staff for the St.Bernard mountain rescue teams) as well as the differences in the Ratvarians, common rats vs Capybaras, no longer anarchists and driving Kias.

      • The initial Roan book is going to be $45 USD and $20 USD for the PDF from rpgnow.
        The book as of this moment with test images and mechanics comes to 160 pages, and this is without adding the additional story and mini campaign venture which will probably push it close to 200pg if not more.
        The book in the kicsktarter will be printed hardback with premium paper at 8.5 by 11 inches in size.
        Canidians will be included in the expansion species book, where their racial differences give them benefits and detriments, the same can be said for Gryphons, where their feline half and avian half.
        Its been a lot of balancing, which is on hold, as I’ve been on a near almost 24/7 time table with trying to keep the kickstarter going, and signals boosting!
        I really do thank you for the questions, and please ask more if you have them!

    • Changelings, are going to be a bit difficult, though there has been a lot of discussions about allowing a race that effectively has high natural disguise bonuses.
      Unfortunately, we couldn’t specifically use the cute buggies of mlp, but there are certainly a lot of talks and soon art sketches to show off about possible replacement cute buggies called the “Mirages”.

      I apologize that this is the best answer I can provide for now, but do continue to watch us, as we hope to provide plenty for all players hearts desire!
      …don’t actually take the hearts desire, last I heard, it drove two ponies crazy!

  2. I backed you for the 45$ tear,I see there are 2 new things now (dice and chips) will those be included or additional charge? 🙂

  3. Hey there Roan team,
    I’m looking to bring choose your own adventure books into the mlp universe that have a role play mechanic (and much more) added to them.
    Would you allow me to do a Roan version? I won’t be selling it, I just need a basis to start from and I feel like fallout equestria will be to… I think ‘used’ is the appropriate word.
    When I’m done (about a weeks time) I’ll pass it on to you guys for some feed back, that is to say if it’s ok.

    • I certainly don’t have a problem, and find it will help to chat more about this with you later on! Once the KS is done and I’m not having to worry about heavily updating facebook, twitter and everything else!
      Very much appreciate the opportunity to see Roan grow more!

      • Not a problem and thanks for the chance! I’ll start working on it immediately and by the time you get to me I should have a rough first draft well on its way to almost done.
        Feel free to get ahold of me after the kick starter and I’ll show you what you I have.

        Here’s to a new beginning,
        Dustin E.

  4. Hello Roan Team!

    With the 45 dollar tier, what other bonuses will I be recieving? I know we get the dice and chips but do we get the card for BUCK as well? Anything else?

    Josh J.

  5. So are any books out for it yet, I’m extremely interested in playing this game? I notice the Kickstarter completed in December. I am also very interested in the system you are creating and/or using. I’m currently studying to be a Content designer for RPGS and is going to school for game art and design. I do hope I will be able to give the game a shot soon. Also if I can purchase them where do I need to go to do so?

    • I’m really sorry for the late answer, I lost your question among the sea of others! Roan is officially out as of July, as a lot of work and at was still being placed into the book!

    • As soon as I’ve completed the initial PDF, purchase can begin for the ebook edition of Roan. And once I am happy with the print condition of the book, I’ll place details about how to order to book itself.

      Also I’ve had people note me, asking about getting art prints of some of the major pieces going into the book and I’ll have details on that for folks who’d like to receive prints as well!

      Till then, please continue to keep an eye on things, as of the moment its been pretty hectic, but in a good busy kinda way!

  6. I have da moniez. You haz da books. So, is there a purchase page for the physical copies already, or no? Cuz I wanna have the quickest route possible to purchasing this wonderful little gem.

    • There will certainly be a link here for folks to be able to purchase the book! As soon as the book is 100% complete and we are now at the 98% mark, the final additions of backers, a final triple look over, and finally to the printers. Once these go to print, the pdf’s will be made avaliable!

      • SORRY, I’m mildly stupid! I never actually asked for the price! ( ;^-^)
        How much would be expected? (sorry~)

  7. Hi there!

    I’m Spirit, and I’m an artist. I just stumbled across your project here via my buddy NCMares. I love tabletop RPG’s and have been looking for a really good one for my group’s next campaign, and I think what you’ve got here fits the bill perfectly. I even just ordered a hardback copy of the book from you! Anyway, I think this project is worth expanding, and I’d love the opportunity to extend my influence into by offering my services as an artist!

    Here’s my DeviantArt gallery, if you’d like to take a look through my work. Most of what I post recently is my finished digital work, but I also do traditional work as well.

    Link –

    If you’re interested in having me, just let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!


  8. Will the hardback books be sold on DriveThruRPG, via their print to order service, or are the books just being sold on this site?

  9. Is there an official Forum for Roan to discus the game, ponies, and other RPGs, etc.? I would very much like a link to it if there is.

    • I’ve been shipping books out as quickly as I can. I’m the only one here packing and signing them as quickly as I can, whilst dealing with regular work life and so its a tad slow, with a little more than 150+ books to go, its a lot to do.
      I’ve begun with hightier kickstarter backers first, and working my way backwards, the tougher ones will be international shipping as I must fill out a lot of forms to get those out in accordance to shipping laws!

      • Alright no rush, I was just looking through some of the update posts and was a bit confused. I’ve been looking through the pdf and it looks really great, I can’t wait to get the physical copy.

  10. would it make more sense for the STR chart for lift and loads to take Size and Body into account along with STR? It makes no sense for a Clydesdale Unicorn with a Body of 4, size of 1 to only be able to lift 100 pounds because its STR is only 2

    • Actually,just because one is larger, does not mean that str and such suddenly is boosted. It merely means you are larger than is normal compared to other ponies, yet you could still be lanky.
      Body stands for how hearty a pony is, just because they have body 4, doesn’t mean they are rippling muscles. A clydesdale body 1 means he catches a cold, he suffers horrible things, while a tiny pony with a body of 4 will handle having a cold better.

      • alright then i can understand that, but for my case its gonna have to be at the GM’s discretion probably. Thanks

  11. So, I notice in the Skills pages, it gives an example for “Science” as a specialized skill class, but there is no Science Skill on the chart. Was that just an example, or is there an actual “Science” skill that doesn’t appear on the list?

      • For the “Crafting” skill, should I be using the table list of Specializations (Carpentry, Engineering, Gem Crafting, Gem Tech, Spell Crafting), or the description list (Carpenter, Gem Tech, Mechanics, Medicines, Magic)?

      • That crafting list is there to help you out with the most basics skills that fit their knowledge tree, but you are more than happy to create new skills that fit the knowledge necessary as long as GMs approve!

  12. So, a few quick questions on magic.

    1. Are any of the races able to wield magic, or strictly unicorns? (without using a wand, staff, etc.)

    2. Casting times. Perhaps I missed it, but while I think I understand how the creation of a spell works, but as far as actually casting a spell goes, do instant spells take 1 round to cast with a normal Spell Casting dice pool? And then an Extended spell you know takes X hours, where X is how long it takes to roll the successes you need? (as long as you dont’ fail a roll)

    3. Is there a limit to spells you can know overall, or is that up to GM discretion and individual characters? And if I read correctly, there’s no limit to spells-per-day as long as you know them?

    • 1. All races can use magic, this game does not penalize folks for being a different species!
      2. Casting time is based upon success. If the spell is successful it goes off, or the player can choose to hold the spell and release it, mind you they’ll most likely only be able to hold onto that one spell.
      3. This is GM discretion, but players should be able to at least hold as many spells in their mind as they have Skill points for magic.

    • GPU’s are essentially a play on cpu’s, using a special line up of gems, ponies and other races make something akin to very very very very basic computers, think the earliest day punch card calculators and such!
      Automotons are the exception where some of them under special circumstances have had gpu units create a “Soul Network”

  13. Hey there, I was one of your backers, and I for some reason didn’t get the hardcover version of the book. I did get the PDF version, but the book never arrived.

  14. So, I don’t see Stall Rates listed for the planes, at least not in the Vehicles section. Is there a calculation for them I missed, like based on their VR or such?

    And, under their weapons, what does “C-passes” mean? Is that how many combat passes that gun can fire before being empty?

    • Never mind on that Stall, just saw the Errata.

      But still curious on C-passes though, unless I’m missing that somewhere as well

      • Sorry for the wait on answers, but you can find answers about C-Passes on page 73 in the Equipment Section.
        Essentially instead of overwhelming players with the fact that planes carry thousands of rounds of ammo, I’ve made it abstract with C-Pass aka Combat Passes, how many time a plane can make an attack run against an opposing target before they are out of ammo. As on the pull of a trigger, many rounds are expended from the plane during attacks!

  15. Hello! I am currently in the pre-planning stages for making my own tabletop RPG, and I was wondering how much it cost to print and ship the Roan Books (and what markers you would suggest if I started a kickstarter).

    • For book prints, it is all based upon a few factors.
      1. How many pages?
      2. Paper or hardback cover?
      3. Color or B&W (some sights are rather specific with you detailing between these two options).

      It is about 24$ per book printed from Ingram Spark – My books are 260 pages with Hardback and full color.

      In terms of kickstarter, make sure you factor shipping costs. In country it can be about 3$ or more based upon weight and how big the package is, out of country is about 30$ due to all the shipping paper work required and such.

      Markers for your campaign should begin with the obvious offers of Ebook and Physical Book, from there you will want to figure things such as having a backers character drawn in the book, or they offer a minor adventure or location area. And if you have physical art done, offering those as a kickstarter prize (for higher tiers).

      I hope that can answer some things, I’ll give a huge piece of advice – Spend every scent you get into that book, to avoid taxes placed upon your book.

  16. So, for spell casting again.

    The section describing how to create a spell, it mentions Intelligence, Willpower, and Spell Casting skill. When creating a dicepool, she only uses Intelligence and Spell Casting. Is Willpower never used, or is it the lowest value between the two that gets added to Spell Casting.

    Also, I see Spell Casting skill and Magic skill, are they the same thing? Or do you add Magic and Intelligence/Willpower together to make the Spellcasting rating?

  17. I purchased one of the hardback books through the PayPal link back on the 13th, after seeing your recent post about having ordered more copies. I was holding off on buying one because I didn’t have the money until recently, and am sincerely hoping I havn’t missed my chance.

    Hopefully you’ve just been busy being as I havn’t received any emails other than the initial payment one. Could you get back to me when you have the time and let me know? Thanks.

    • If you wish, send me a private message, and I’ll work with you on sending a book to you! I’ve received a few books and many of which I’m saving up for the next Bronycon. I know its been a bit, but taxes had eaten so much of the original ks and sales!

  18. I’ve run into a situation I felt I should ask you guys about. You see, I was going to make an online rp group to play Roan together, but then I realized I’d have to share the rules. How should I proceed? Can I just drop the pdf to the members and call it a day? Can I not share the rules at all? Or can I only share some of the rules on a need to know basis?

    • You can always provide them a link to the Roan pdf at DriveThruRPG, but what is most important is the exposure and gameplay, if you feel it helps you to pass them a copy of the book, do so! If they enjoy it, ask them to pick up a copy for themselves later on in the future! Spread the word bout the game even!

  19. So, I want to ask a gameplay question this time. How does magic defense work exactly? I get that you roll it, and I assume you do so against the difficulty of the particular nasty spell, but does the spell do flat damage (in the case of a damage spell obviously)? Or, is it like physical attacks where the spell will do it’s listed damage for every success over the magic defense? Essentially, the question is that is magic all or nothing or does it scale for success like other forms of fighting do? Also, if it also works this way for buffs/debuffs, please note that.

    • Magic is a flat success. The spell that you create, and its listed modifier be it damage, or de/buffs will stay the same. The dice role is merely there to help successfully cast the spell. In the case of defense itself, magic defense is Body + Will = Magic Defense, in the case of spell casters, they may substitute their Will with their Magic Skill if the Magic Skill is larger (this is going to be errated)

      I do hope this helps out :O

      I’m back to finishing up the rest of the shippings, bout 69 books to go

      • That does help, thanks again, I’ll make sure not to bother you too much until you finish shipping those. 🙂

    • Near the top/mid of the page you should see buttons to the side with “Purchase Roan HB Book *Limited Time*” and “Purchase Roan RPG PDF” above them, those buttons are where you buy roam… specifically you can buy a physical copy from here through paypal, or you can buy a PDF from drivethruRPG

  20. Hello, I would like some clarification on Kelpies, on their race profile Aquatic Adaptation says Kelpies are able to survive under fresh water, later under the creating your character overview the Aquatic Adaptation says Kelpies can survive underwater without the need of air.

    Can you clarify if Kelpies can survive without the need of air only in freshwater?

    • TO better clarify the answer. At this point, yes the kelpies can swim in any water environment and breathe in it, salt or fresh. It was originally meant to keep salt fresh to the Bluæns but the hassle of doing so would be too much annoyances.

    • Well the game certainly works well on Tables! As for the PDF itself, its professionally made, so no worries about secret worms hidden within! We ensure that it has been de-wormed!

  21. So I’m not sure if I was missing something but how exactly does the numbers for skills and specialized skills work.

    • So by the original statement via Ubiquity Systems,
      Skills are increased through spending experience
      Skill Specialization is a super cheap increase that only qualifies when being used in the right circumstance i.e. a brawler specializing in “Judo” will get a bonus dice when using “Judo”

      Then you have specialized skills, which should have been put as Class Skills to be more understandable, and will be in a future book update. These are your knowledge skills, such as saying Knowledge History, or Crafting skills like Crafting Architecture, or Crafting Weapon Smith.

      • Well I was mostly looking for is do you put points in the main skill and the specialized skill separately or is it just in the specialized skill

    • You would put it in the specialized.
      So say you went with crafting. You wouldn’t add points to crafting you would add it to its sub component such as Weapon Smith

      This avoids someone being a genius by merely putting in high skill points then penning a ton of sub skills.

    • Sorry, extremely late, but still gonna answer, as wordpress doesn’t seem to pop up reply’s to me -_-
      Specializations you spend small points for, such as for example. You purchase the Skill firearm up to 5 points, and then spend additional exp to purchase a specialization Rifles up to 2 points, meaning your rifle use is a total of 7.
      Now specialized skills are things like Craft or Knowledge. So you purchase Knowledge Cartography 5 points.
      Sadly the standard rule in HEX with specialization and specialized make for a confusing rule set which I will be fixing.

    • Aside from the Roan Forum, there is also DriveThruRPG Forums, Geek Games, as well as even hitting all the various pony forums and inviting a group of people to join in while you give them a taste of Roan as the GM!

  22. Hello, i just recently bought your core rulebook, i actually picked up a hard copy at Babscon and am wondering if there are any plans for published adventures?

    Thank you very much.

    • The hope is by Bronycon, LateCustomers adventure will be available, then the Twin Rivers of Falconigrad!

  23. Hi there, been an owner of your book for quite some time now and I’ve always wanted to play a game, but with the timezone I live in and Roan’s relative obscurity compared to 5e and such I could never really find a group to play with. I was wondering if you guys had an official Discord server or something like that?

  24. Hey there, Just wanted to know… If i don’t have your rulebook, could you simply help me fill out a character sheet? I’m a Pathfinder and MlP Tabletop DM and like your concept. Me and my friends wanted to make a few character sheets and play a remake of Pulp Fiction, with OCs instead.
    Just email me please- i most probably wont see a reply here in weeks. I’d hate to have you reply and be ignored…

    • It has the aesthetics such as the technology and atmosphere, but the segregation or rather out right racism and imperialism is originally what led to the Roan Nations defeat long before the Æther Wars. At this point you would be in a nation that would reflect a more Constitutional Republic centered on the tenants of the Path of Six.
      As well Zebrica is essentially the Swiss Bank of the world, it is a very foolish pony, gryphon, or canidian who would want to try and ruin that relationship again.

  25. A couple questions regarding spells. When available, page citations would be greatly appreciated.

    1) Spells known/memorized/learned vs spells prepared. Your September 22 answer notes that these are different (maximum spells known is GM fiat whereas maximum spells prepared is willpower + magic.) What is the purpose of preparing a spell?
    1.1) pg 57 has the line “It is considered a good strategy for a mage to support their team with buffs, and then prepare a combat spell or two in reserve…” Does this imply you can cast spells you don’t have prepared?
    1.2) pg 58 lists the modifier for casting an unlearned spell is “Diff * 2”. Does this penalty apply for unprepared spells as well?

    2) How long does it take to prepare a spell?
    2.1) When can you prepare a spell? Can you prepare a spell in the middle of combat?

    3) Are prepared spells single use (after casting a prepared spell, does it stay prepared or do I need to prepare it again?)
    3.1) If prepared spells are single use, can you prepare the same spell multiple times?

    4) Can you choose to un-prepare a spell if you’re low on health and concerned about it auto-casting? Does it consume any action economy to do so?

    5) pg 58 describes spell failure, where “If your pony fails their casting roll by more than half, the spell has a horrible failure.” Does this only apply to the first turn the spell is cast (since spells can be cast over multiple turns (e.g. Flick’s spell casting on pg 231))? Or would the spell still backfire if the successes on the second turn were less than half of the difficulty? (e.g. spell difficulty 8, 1st turn 4 successes, 2nd turn 3 successes, spell backfires)
    5.1) Does this imply that a spell must finish casting within 2 turns or fail (since neither set of successes can individually be less than half)?
    5.2) If only the first set of successes need to be greater than half, does this imply that a character can continue to focus on a spell indefinitely until they have enough successes? (e.g. spell difficulty 8, 1st turn 4 successes, 2nd through 5th turns 0 successes, 6th turn 4 successes, spell casts.)
    5.3) Do the spell failure rules apply to extended spells as well?

    6) Learned a spell with an instructor has no difficulty. Is there still a 1 day minimum for how long it takes to learn the spell?

  26. Hello people,

    I just discover the project roan and I participate to have Roan: World at War, but I see that an original book was made, how can I get him (and possibly other stuff with him) ?

  27. Greetings Roan devs,

    So a friend of mine requested that I run a campaign in this system. After getting my hands on the book, I thought it was quite interesting and decided to give it a go. We are about 6 sessions in at this point and my players and just encountered their first few instances of combat, but we have ran into a snag. Combat is so unbelievably deadly that I had to fudge all of my set up with the goons and the big bad. The first red flag I had was when I dropped 3 mafia goons armed with submachine guns into a room. One of my player’s is roleplaying a non-combatant, so she tries to duck for cover, but is dropped to the bottom of the initiative list and gets unloaded on. She had low defense and a 1 DR vest, and the burst that came from my enemy instakilled her, with 3 successes over her defense being far more than enough to kill her character based on her getting hit with 3 .45 ACP bullets. I figured I had made a mistake, but I tripled checked their loadouts and the damage and was stunned. These nobody know nothing mooks just off’d a PC without a second thought. I obviously said screw that and let her off with 1 lethal saying that the other bullets were lucky enough to pass through her back leg without hitting anything vital and moved on. Immediately after that, the party’s gun jockey was up to bat. He had rolled perfect on a loot roll for a chest her found earlier in the complex and received his very own rusted submachine gun for his trouble. With 1 40 round mag on ammunition and a dream, he calls a strafe on all 3 of the goons, rolls something like a 12 on his firearms skill check, trumping the collective 5 the goons rolled for defense and completely deletes all three of them off the map.

    Then there was the incident with the griffin. I had stated a big enforcer type character to be something of a dungeon boss for this place. Being that this was early, I forwent making anything that would (in my mind) kill any of the party members. Just something that would knock them around, flaunt aggressive, and be a good punching bag to let the party flout their stuff. Except that didn’t happen… cuz my loose cannon bug scree’d in fright after tripping an alarm and full auto’d a whole clip into the guy. After damage calculations, (which this again is probably my fault for not making their defense higher) the griffin was 1 shot and his brains now decorate the floor of the hallway that lead up to my boss room that I spent a good 5 hours building and decorating with fun obstacles, encounters, and environmental interactions. The problem here was that this attack counted as a sneak attack, so the griffon’s defense was only its passive, which was a respectable 2, but not nearly enough to prevent 10 bullets from peppering his corpse.

    So after all of that, I basically scrapped all of the combat I had planned for the rest of the “dungeon”. There has to be something I am doing wrong here, right? Does bullet damage actually matter? If so, then does the amount of successes over a target’s defense rating constitute the multiplicative of the bullets going into that target IE 5 successes over = 5 1L 1AP bullets hitting that target? And if that’s the case, should the target’s DR be subtracted PER bullet or from the overall damage pool? If it’s per bullet, that actually makes WAY more sense, but if it’s from the total, then I’m just straight up confused by everything is so unbelievably squishy.

    Basically, I’m pleading for help. I’m either not understanding something in the rules or im running the campaign wrong. If combat was meant to be quick and dirty, you may have succeeded too much. If this combat system was more meant for simulating battlefield situations, that makes a little more sense, but that feels like it should have been more clear. I just feel sort of lost. Like, I read “pulp” and instantly thought gangsters and detectives, back ally crimes, and busting up drug rings. But combat feels so deadly from what im reading and from what ive done that it seems pretty stupid to be putting your party up against armed ANYone, and that they would probably be more suited for fighting rats in the sewer to help stinky Joe, the bathroom attendant.

    Help me out… How do you run combat in this game?

    • I believe you should have a message from me on your deviatnart, since I can’t seem to send you a private message here with my discord for discussion of the system.

      But to answer best I can, there seems to either bee a lot of damage coming out of the baddies, or a lot of dice rolls again from baddies against your players.

      Damage isn’t done by a per bullet specifically, a weapon damage is considered via dice to be all at once. Even a smg that spits a hundred bullets, is only adding a 3 dice of damage (45 cal) + firearm skill

    • I will have a new KS update later this afternoon with links to the current book layouts given to me by Catspaw the layout graphic designer. 3/4ths of the way there as it has the opening, rules, and equipment. final parts are the example how to section, story, and credits. After that it is adding the art which I am still waiting on Anticular, Buckweiser and a few others to complete! Then I will be able to get working on the micro books for you all in regarfs to Gryphons, Canines and other bonuses.

  28. Hi. I’m aiming to be a games master who specialises in MLP TTRPGs and I was wondering if I can use the front cover on my site (not yet published)? I will take 0 credit for anything. Thank you.

    • Fortunately you have many options.

      This is my fav, its free, you set your own pc up as a server for other players to join. Lots of youtube videos to help get you started. Bit of a learning curve to start, but once you got it down, essentially every major GM streamer uses this.

      Foundry: one time 50$ and players join through browser. Uses local drive to store things, many many options for customization but that means lots to learn too.

      Shmeppy: Super bare bones interface for simple things. Gm though has to pay 4.99 a month but all players get in free (maybe ask friends to pop a few quarters to help). Yet its simple, and easy to work with.

      Roll20: Its decent for its free options, offers a lot of things with subscription, but those additional items like stream/music/vid stream are a bit janky.

      Fantasy Grounds: Purchase once for yourself, have friends purchase. Offers a ton of tools but such purchases can be a bit expensive.

      Tabletop Simulator: You might see this for use, but its…a bit broken. Seriously needs updates, or the makers just need to make a 2nd game.

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