Roan News 6-23-2017


So after a nice little B-day weekend for myself, its been back to ripping words apart in Roan:World at War!

Also I have a few writers helping me out with expansion adventures!

Next to all this, I am looking for ideas on naming the Roan States as well as Capital names, puns are nice, but I definitely want some nice names to roll in for the nation!

Also we have Baron Streaming this Saturday as usual, and I’ll be there (in digital), so do hang out with us!


Baron Engel posted

Art Stream 6/24/17


Today starting at 5:30pm Pacific Baron will be streaming on Picarto .
So join him for an evening of art, stories, cocktails, and some really great folks.
See you there!

Roan Map

The map is currently a work in progress, beginning with something of a real topographical map, that will then be turned into a proper political map showing borders, agricultural markings, and industry etc etc!

Def been neglecting this, not for lack of work, but for lack of pro cartographer to work on it! So hopefully this will help people get the idea of the landscape of Roan! A semi Australia sized location!

The current layout is a test, and I’m working the land to best fit everything, so no mountains yet, nor rivers and shorelines, but soon!

Roan Topography map.png

Baron streaming again At 4 for a month!

Baron posted the recent news!

Art stream today 5/13/17

Back from my two week break. Today starting at 5:30pm Pacific I’ll streaming again on Picarto ! So join me for an evening of art, stories and some really great folks. See you there!
I’ll be there to enjoy the good times and chat, and finishing up the Roan map!
Next to that, I hope to begin pushing the Roan World at War writings to Dave for layout previews1

Babscon Art!

Got some awesome art to showcase from @BABscon2017 for you folks!

The con was a bit bumpy at first, but a lot of fun! Click em to check them out!

Roan and 2017 Status


As of this years tax total! Roan has worked up close to 40K in costs, that is nearly double the Kickstarter funds!

I’m at least proud to say, that I was happy to put every cent into this project and to have so many supporter help me as well! To see this game grow, and this world become real for you all to play in and enjoy!

I am going on a short vacation, where I’ll be relaxing, and taking all my notes and working on Roan: World at War. The next major expansion!

Roan Cards

This aside, I had a lot of work go on, including TAXES! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I’m glad to say that is out of the way, and I’m not the only one who suffered!

Poor Clear Skies the Kelpi has to put up with doing the taxes for the Wild Geese Bar and Mercenaries!

Clear Skies color

Art by Silfoe



Babscon2017 is over!


@BABScon2017 has been fun, and I hope to have a table with Baron in 2018, as well as a dedicated RPG gaming session and longer panel for questions!

I wanted to thank folks for attending the panel, and was glad that so many people were excited by the game, including those who got to join!

I had an amazing time with @Baronengel , and was glad to make friends with Peter New and many amazing people. Seeing artists who’ve helped me out, and gathering new artists for future work!



The game was a tremendous amount of pulp detective fun, and my players were quick on their hooves and paws to capture eliminate the culprits!

Roan Babscon Pulp Crew