Lazy Company – Roan World at War Update

Its been a busy week, one that has had my concentration drained thanks to work, but I continue to work on progressing Roan: World at War which surpassed its kickstarter funding goal, thanks to so many wonderful people!

Currently I am waiting the 2 week period for the processing of payment before I officially begin reaching out to folks with the survey as I want to be sure that all clients have no issues come up!

Be ready for plenty of news though on Roan, and the story of the war itself as I begin to really push on the writing balances, and additions!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – World at War Kickstarter – 10-11-2019

A grand Huzzah folks, we’ve hit the 10K for Roan: World at War!

This fully helps to ensure the development of the game, and don’t you worry about the additional things like the Naval Expansion/Airship Expansion, those will surely come, it’ll just take longer, but they will come, and I do hope that many of you enjoy it!

I also want to thank many of you for always being supportive of the game, and expect a special game to be run at BABSCON 2020, with the entrance fee being setup as donations for support to special needs!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company & Babscon – 10-04-2019

Gotta get that hot water no matter what!

Happy Friday folks, and I do hope you all are doing well!

The kickstarter still sits shy of 10K and after trying to reach out to specific parties, I am now worried about one who has continued to not responded about the 5K they have put in, hopefully it does not become a case of that backer suddenly disappearing at the end.

On other news, I have been invited as a guest for Babscon! CHEERS!

I will also be running Roan: World at War for some lucky people who put in for the Babscon charity, so continue to keep an eye on Babscon to learn more!

Help spread the Roan: World at War Kickstarter and lets hope for a successful game!

Till next time, take care all!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 9-27-2019

If it’s stupid but works, it isn’t stupid…sometimes

Good afternoon this fine Friday folks, I do hope you are all well!

As you all know, we are nearing the 10K mark, and we aren’t far from the 12K mark which will help to advance the schedule for the Naval/Airship book!

Till next time folks, enjoy the comic!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 9-20-2019 – World at War Kickstarter

Art by RavenPuff

Currently we are at 9,189$ thanks to so many people, and one particular backer who put in 5,000$ whom I reached out to to make sure that they didn’t accidentally add an extra 0. Still waiting to hear from them!

This means folks will be receiving 4 additional countries as well as an e-book of the Roan comic. All of this as long as nobody has their account bounce (which can happen) but I am looking forward to bringing these to you all!

Roan has had a lot of support, and the future of Roan is a big thank you to that world from me, in the form of a video game that I look forward to working with folks I’ve met.

From there its working with the crew to enter into the video game market properly, but don’t worry, long as fans of Roan are around, content will be made!

Continue to watch the kickstarter, and please put in your support to help out!

Keep your eyes here as I await new art from RavenPuff of the delightful Lazy Company!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies
Creator of Roan

Roan: World at War Kickstarter

The kickstarter page can be found at the following link.

This is currently the title page, as I am awaiting approval from the board itself, but once that comes through, the kickstarter will hit the green light to go!

Besides I can’t forget to give you your daily dose of Lazy Company!

Art by Raven Puff the cutie bat pon!

Expect to learn more with regular updates when the kickstarter officially launches!

Looking forward to the support to reach the 7K goal, and again i do hope that you all will enjoy the new set of rules for Platoon combat!

Clear Skies

Robert M.

Lazy Company- 9-6-2019 World at War Kickstarter

Art by the cutie-patootie that is! – Ravenpuff!

So next week, September 14 2019, Roan: World at War will kickstart the next book in the aim at bringing you all a Platoon scale of warfare.

The book will begin as an e-book with optional order for a hardback via the website DriveThruRPG. The reason behind this is that it will cut down on the shipping costs, and make it more accessible to gamers worldwide who want a hardback version of the game.

World at War aim is to provide Platoon combat with each Platoon represented by a single character marker. Your troops will be provided skill lists, unit lists, special unit lists, equipment, and vehicles.

The combat rules aim at providing intense military combat in the form of phases. Platoons can move their full distance during their movement phase, then attack during their combat phases which there are 3 of. Phases are important as they are a measurement of time when calling in distant support such as artillery, or air support.

Currently the build provides two armies, that being the Roan Military and the Ratvarian Military. This is due to the amount of options that have to be balanced. Stretch goals will include adding additional countries as expansion books which will be provided to backers of the book.

Other standalone expansions that will be in the works are rules for ship/airship creation for air and naval combat.

High tier backers will be able to have their character(s) presented in the book, higher tier backers will receive a would cut figure of their commander plus stand as a representation of their platoon upon their game mat.

I’ve been hard at work with this game for a few years now, but I look forward to you all enjoying the system and using it along side the original Roan RPG book.

The aim is to provide a stand alone system that can be used in combination with the main Roan book. Platoons under the World at War rules, surrounded a weapons lab. Special forces under the Roan RPG rules, enter the facility to steal/destroy weapons of the opposing force.

More information will be provided so keep an eye here, as well as on the Roan Kickstarter site once it goes up!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 8-30-2019

Careful when cleaning mortar tubes that a charge didn’t get lodged in it!

A wonderful batty pony did this amazing piece! – Ravenpuff!

Hello folks, I’m working up to prepare for the Kickstarter which I hope to launch in two weeks!

Tiers will range fro basic support which includes obtaining the E-book for Roan World at War, to the higher tiers that include having an art piece done of your character which will be placed in the book or having an art piece turned into a wooden figurine to be used as a character representation of your Platoon upon a map!

I’m going to be working with Earth Pony Creations to see about having these custom wood prints created.

There is also Samoht-Lions specially designed Roan Clock which will be awarded to upper tiers as well!

The planned goal is currently looking to be about 6,000$ in order to cover art, layout and design, and taxes. Additional funds will be put towards stretch goals as well as future Clear Skys LLC projects which include expanding out into video game development.

Stretch Goals will include more countries being designed and balanced, adventures, and additional adventures. These bonus content will be made as separate E-books, high tier backers will get this automatically, low tier may purchase them when they become available on DriveThruRPG.

Why an E-Book?

Having mailed nearly 400 books personally was quite a time consuming event for myself, as an E-Book it can reach a wider audience quickly, BUT the option to have the Book done as a Print-on-Demand is available on DriveThruRPG and even better, those books can be printed and mailed from their distribution office to just about anywhere world wide, again this makes things easier for me when it comes to European and Asian supporters!

Keep an eye on the site folks for more news to come on the Roan World at War Kickstarter as well as a discussion video that talks about how the system will work, and what is being tested!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company & Roan World at War- 8-23-2019

Art as always, by the ever lovely batty – Ravenpuff!

Its been awhile troopers, but I’m back from the post-con fatigue, and minor sadness with the end of Bronycon, as it was a local convention for me, and one I had a ton of fun at!

With such great memories, comes big news for you all!

Roan will be entering in to its next KickStarter this coming September, and the focus is on a macro scale rule set for Platoon warfare. I am currently getting the final resources gathered to properly start the kickstarter!

More importantly, what is the current Kickstarter Goal, and what do you get with the game?

Roan World at War

The game focuses on Platoon scale combat, where your single character marker represents a Platoon on the field.
Much of the game takes the concept of macro sized warfare and abstracts it for speed and simplicity.
Current plans for Platoon creation are for the country of Roan and Ratvaria, but if the kickstarter goes well, I will work to further include other countries.

You must be wondering why I don’t have too many countries included, and this is because of the scale of work that goes into working on the various military units.

Each country may share similar types of troops such as fireteams, and engineers, but each country has their own training for their specialized troops, and this isn’t even getting into the dirty details of weapons, vehicles, and other equipment!

I hope you all will keep an eye on this site as I continue to give you all updates about further content and news on the Kickstarter, as well as answering questions folks have asked of my over at Bronycon such as the 2.0 update for the Roan book, and what to expect of future content.

Till then, game on folks!

Robert M. – Clear Skies

Happy Independence Day 7-4-2019

Art by the amazing RavenPuff! DeviantArt and Twitter

If you folks are making your way to #Anthrocon2019 then be sure to see myself, ShoNUFF44 , and N8Dogg5k at the Clear Skys LLC table B08/B09A as shown in the map below!

Be ready to hear some news about the upcoming Kickstarter for Roan World at War. This will focus on utilizing Platoons as characters, and bring to you all, a level of macro warfare larger than WH40K but smaller than Flames of War in scale.

Map Below to know where to find us!