Lazy Company 7-23-2021

Art by RavenPuff

So great news with Roan, I have a writer helping me out with the final story bit for the mini campaign “Battle of Graceland” and I have submitted the vehicle section to CatsPaw for layout, in which he has given me a few thoughts to iron out and resubmit!

I’m excited as I really want to get this done and move on to the bonus items for all the backers!

You all have a wonderful weekend and game on!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company 5-29-2021

Good day troopers on this wonderful Weekend of Memorial!

Please say hello and give a kind word to your troops, the Military is a profession, not a club, it is a choice of self sacrifice to protect those who cannot protect themselves, to offer hearts and minds, to help build!

May they not come to harm, and may the US Military stay vigilant, and hold true to their loyalty and integrity to America!

God Bless and take care you all!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Art by RavenPuff

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

May you all be blessed with good comfort and tidings to you and yours!

Roan has entered layout phase, the first layout having reached my desk for review!

Soon we shall have the book finished, and I can’t wait to get it out to you all as well as my backers!

Till then, be safe, and game on!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company Love – 2/14/2021

February and it is the time of hearts and hooves, dates, flowers, love, and home alone ice cream!

No matter how you enjoy your weekend, know that you are appreciated for your support of ponies, Roan, and rpg games in general!

The Roan World at War is finally reaching the end, and plans are to have the entire book sent to CatsPaw for layout work end of this month.

A mass amount of balances and re-writes had to be done after I submitted the book to my editor, all to tighten and better explain the rules to you all!\

I am sorry for how long it has taken, but I do look forward to having the books sent out, and I look forward to hearing about your own campaigns whether in Roan, or in your own world!

Enjoy a sneak peek of art for the book!

Art by the great RavenPuff!

Robert M

Clear Skies

Game on folks! <3

Lazy Company – Remember that warm mud?

Talk about crazy weather going abouts!

Good day and a New Year!

May she be kinder, calmer, and less chaotic, as I think we could all use a break!

Roan News

It is the last legs, one of my largest updates for the backers has gone out which includes rules for Ranks, Commendations, and Additional Talents.

Ranks allow Officers to earn a few bonus points and also increase their Platoon by 1.

Commendations can last for the rest of the campaign, or they can be spent as a limited time bonus.

Talents are merely abilities that offer Platoons an advantage on the field!

A few minor works are weapon names and descriptions, which should at least anchor things down with equipment weapons.

One of the biggest challenges I found with Roan World at War, is having to look at things from a Platoon perspective and not a Character perspective, where a shovel might matter to the character, it is superfluous to a Platoon.

Still, lots learned, and lots of fun, and soon you can all expect to then see other armies introduced, and the long in writing Cyberpunk series!

Till then, Game On!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies!