Lazy Company Returns – Birthday Special also!
Art by the ever awesome Ravenpuff

Good afternoon everyone, looks like Cause and Effect are causing some good ol’fashion mayhem by cutting down the adventure book price for Roan RPG!

Its my Birthday today, the big 35, and that means a happy gift to you all in the form of a free temporary download of the Roan Blue Haven Adventure pack!

Get the Roan Blue Haven adventure written by LateCustomer and art by himself, OtakuAP, and WhiteDiamond!

Use the following link to access and nab your adventure!


This Friday I will be putting out another letter to beta testers of the Roan World at War system, this should be the last one as I finally tighten the last bits of the system together!

Till then, game on folks, expect to hear some more news later on Conventions and work related to Roan and to the Clear Skys LLC name involving other new IPs that are in the works!

Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 5-10-2019

Things have been a bit busy at work, but it hasn’t stopped me from getting to my own work!

Roan World at War is currently sitting near 90 pages as I work out the Equipment List packages. Its been doing well, the rules are starting to look solid, and I will be sending an update to my beta-testers!

Hope you all are doing well this fine May! GO SEE DETECTIVE PIKACHU 😀

Babscon and Roan – 4/05/2019

Just hope that I don’t get lost at the airport terminal because I am headed to Babscon in a little over a week folks!

You’ll be able to meet myself as well as Baron Engel at Table B7!

To learn more about Baron Engel, go checkout his website and all his amazing art done by himself as well as his talented wife Smudge!

Got plenty of new treasures for you all to stop by and pickup! As well as the return of the Roan Brass Pins! Coming from the same place that one would have their military pins made!

Along with the pins, I’ve got holographic stickers of Engel and regular stickers of some of the Roan crew, done by the ever wonderful RavenPuff!

Plus a Petina coaster for all you Petina supporters, show the show pony some love!

As always for every Roan Pin sold, a donation will be made by me to the Night Stalker 160th Foundation in support of the Special Operations Air Regiment members!

Lazy Company – ROAN BABSCON & BRONYCON – 3-1-2019

Art by RavenPuff –

Heya folks, great news, you’ll be able to see Baron Engel, Catspaw and I at Babscon, where I have also been invited as a guest at the Salon, so if you got questions and such, stop by, have a chat!

Roan has also been approved for the grand finale of Bronycon, a great send off for the con that helped get Roan started!

Baron Engel will be there, as well as N8Dogg5k, Shonuff44, and we might have another special guest or two joining us as well!

I do hope you all have had a good February, its been a tad bumpy but its getting better, so here is to a greater rest of 2019!