Lazy Company 4-10-2020

Good help is so hard to find – Puffy CLICK ME TO SEE MORE

Good day and a safe one for you all!

I bring you adorable arts from RavenPuff again.

Poor Lt. Lotus, she gets the bottom of the barrel worth of troops, but they are hidden diamonds.

Roan RPG has another update in the works, and then finally, laying it all out and working with artists to fill in the pages with awesome Ponies fighting!

Figure its a bit of cabin fever for us all, but stay strong and keep your heads up, well all make it through this tough time, and have quite a tale to share in the future!

Robert aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company 4-3-2020

Art by the wonderful RavenPuffy

Careful what you say to Engel, she has big friends!

I hope all of you are doing well during these interesting times.

Stay strong and keep with the good common sense. Stay healthy and well!

Roan will see you all at Babscon 2021, and so will much of Roan and Roan World at War.

Speaking of WaW, the next version of the book is going out to backer, and art is slowly beginning to roll in.

I’m going to begin rolling out sections this weekend to my editor for layout, and get this book wrapped up for many of you all!

Robert M. Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 3-27-2020

Art by the wonderful Ranvepuff!

So some production will be a tad slower, especially for artist who need commission work to be able to live during these interesting times.

Work is going well, I’ve sent out a new version of the “Price is Chaos” magic system which, if it works well, will replace the Roan RPG system’s magic rules.

Vehicles have been changed for the final time, with players no longer purchasing a vehicle on a per vehicle basis, rather, they will now purchase a Package which contains multiple vehicles for a Platoon based upon the task required.

Be safe you all, and remember, never insult a bot-pony, you never know who she is friends/related too!

Robert M. Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 3/20/20

Doing our part to stay clean, are you?

Art by RavenPuff

Please give her a big hi and even a commission or donation as its tough in Europe with the quarantine as it is becoming here!

Support your creators guys!

So I have been busy at work and I mean really busy, as a contractor, I got called in as essential and so I have been working double time, and triple time to ensure stability for work network.

Roan is still going though and I hope I can have a new update for you all soon, before I can then get layout and art rolling, as I got artists ready and paid already!

Lazy Company 3-13-2020

Art by RavenPuff, please go and support her and her amazing artwork! Find more at and follow, watch, and commission!

Artists need love!

These ponies are doing their part to keep things clean, are you!

With Covid-19 out and about, folks should remember to stay calm and keep a good habit of washing your hands, not coughing on people (use that elbow as a sneeze guard) and once again keeping calm!

Roan is in the final tweaks of magic and equipment, and then I can begin sending the draft out to CatsPaw for editing and layout, once the layout is done, artist can begin filling in for the required locations of the book!

Stay safe out there folks and be careful! With any luck, I will be seeing you all in California come April for Babscon!

If not, I’ll see you all next time, important to be safe, but still go and support your favorite artists and writers, as this will be some tough times for them!

Robert M aka Clear Skies.

Lazy Company 2-28-2020

Shhh, the Maestro is readying her baton!!!

Another amazing piece by RavenPuff of D-Range readying up a Symphony of Destruction!

Currently working up magic systems to test, the next system is one based on a trade. Chaos being the price. The more you cast spells, the more chaos brews, and it can pop on the player or pop on the entire field!

Lazy Company 2-21-20

Some fun color work by RavenPuff of the newer Lazy Company troops, and an oldy (Peace Sign) created by JoeyCartoon!

So the recent update for World at War went out not to long ago, and I am readying the magic system for folks, which should go out about sunday!

Magic on a larger scale is quite different to write for, as opposed to the simpler math of character vs character.

I’ve begun to treat magic as artillery, due to the AoE effects they create, and because it is more sensible that a fireteam of spell casters numbering at 10 or more troopers, will create a larger area of effect!

Rolling with the punches, and with a bit of a cold (joy) which I think I got from katsucon (double joy).

You all have a wonderful weekend!

Clear Skies

When you roll a bad perception check, or the enemy makes an amazing stealth check. Either way, you are in a lot of trouble!

So previously I released the next beta of the book, and also I am slated for Babscon as both a dealer and a speaker.

If you wish to learn about game design, and starting your own kickstarter, please join me, questions and all, and I’ll do my best to help you with your own project dreams!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies