Lazy Company – Bronycon News!


Art by the amazing RavenPuff please go visit her site!


In other news, I will be at @Bronycon with guests @BaronEngel @Shonuff44 and @N8dogg5k

Along with that, I will have additional Bomber girls to join the party, Cherilee, Daring, and Zecora! Each purchase of Roan products will donate 1$ to the Night Stalker 160th Foundation (Service out of Ft. Campbell KY).

Also as a special, I will be running speed-demo games for folks at the booth to give you a taste of the Roan rules and how they work, and I hope to have our first Roan adventure ready to sell as well!

Find us at Booth 419!


Happy Fathers day to all of you dads!


For all the Dads out there, say hello to Effect’s father, Javan is a hard working stay at home dad, who keeps effect company as the nocturnal parent for the nocturnal child!

Here we see him helping to keep the house clean, while being gifted an adorable picture from Effect!

Of course he knows he has a bit of cleaning to commit to, but love is love, and he admires that!

Happy Fathers Day to all the hard working pops out there who do good work for their loved ones!

A Happy Fathers Day for my Dad, a military man who always made time for me, even during some of the most stressful times of his life in the 160th. For always taking care of my mother, my sister, and I. Providing for us on a soldiers pay, and ensuring we were and are always happy!

Stay awesome dad!


Art by the awesome RavenPuff and the ideas we’ve discussed over Effects family home life!

p.s. Her mother is totally the dad joker of the group, wanting to name her “Hungry” just to ultimately say “Hi Hungery, I’m mom!”

She’s not as funny as she thinks!


Lazy Company! – 6-8-2018


Oh boy, Cause the pegasus seems to be in a rut, with the last match, she’s gonna be the best-est friend of everyone, or not, here’s hoping that wind don’t blow it out, keep that helmet up Effect!

It is the start of Summer for many school kids, and I do hope many of you enjoy it, and maybe think about running a Roan adventure or two, or three!

Art as always by the wonderful RavenPuff who you can see is hoping for Cause to light that cigar!