Lazy Company – 12-11-2021

Art by Ravenpuffy

So its getting to that time, where water freezes, it snows, and everyone turns into a Twisted Metal driver on the road!

Roan: World at War is finally in the art phase with artists like White Diamond, RavenPuffy, OtakuAP, RigbyH00ves, SethyDeathy, CaptainHoers, Buckweiser, Achromat, N8dogg5k, Baron Engel, Anticular, Barrellroll and more helping!

I look forward to finally having this book out to backers and for sale to everyone else!

I do hope folks enjoy it, a simplified system for running platoon warfare that should be interesting yet fun for all!

Till then, you all stay safe on them roads!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

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