So long to a great Friend

A loving Father, an imaginative thinker, a great friend.

Hello and welcome, Christmas has passed, and a New Year is literally around the corner from us.

I come asking for help for a friend.

Nathan has been a long time buddy of mine, who along with his brother Justin, have helped with the development of Roan as idea boards for me to toss thoughts at.

As well Nathan is a tremendous artist, who during these hard times, also works at the Baltimore Washington Medical Center.

You can certainly see great examples of his work at N8dogg5k

Sadly their father, Frank Barlow, who was a very good friend, and a very knowledgeable man on many amazing things, passed away unexpectedly. This only after the passing of his wonderful wife Darlene a little more than a year previously.

This has left a lot of financial troubles for my friend and his brothers and his sister to support the home and such, so I hope you all can extend a little good will to help spread the signal or donate to the GoFundMe Above.

Thank you for any help that you can offer, and expect to hear from me tomorrow night as we tear the final day off the 2020 calendar, and usher in 2021, the year of the OX.

I wish you all a safe Holiday, and a brighter happier 2021

With my thanks, god speed, and Game On!

Robert M aka Clear Skies

The Game Mechanic

Hallows Eve comes near!

Art by RavenPuff

Prepare for Spoopiness!

The dark comes, and the candy beckons hungry mouths to devour them whole!

Roan World at War is in the art phase, it is slow going, as art is, but nearly all backers have their character art, and progress is certainly being made, so YAY!

Till then, everyone be safe!

If you are in the US, and are of voting age, study up the people running and vote!

Game on and be well!

Robert aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 8/28/2020 Too Much Weight!

Dale has really become best buddies with Newbie, teaching him the important things like tossing out the jokers, nobody uses them in a game of cards!

Art by the awesome RavenPuff

As for news on World at War, mostly I’m just waiting on select art pieces that will help out all the other artists, these being a few of the basic vehicles and equipment, and also the troops uniforms.

With these, it’ll keep things a little uniform for the art work!

Clear Skies