Welcome to Camp Palomino

Roan Comic #1

By @JW_Cartoonist

The first in the new Military Comedy – Lazy Company of Camp Palomino!

You’ve already seen them in their silly single panel comics, now get to learn about the crew as a whole beginning with Lt. Lotus and Private Clyde and Private Dale!

For any #military folks out there, got a silly story to share, let me know, it can always become a comic!

Expect more every 2 weeks!

Clear Skies

200$ Donation from Clear Skys LLC – Roan RPG to Night Stalker 160th Association

160th Donation from Clear Skys LLC - Roan RPG.png

Good afternoon, evening, or night, depending on who is reading this and from where in the world you reside!

We had a successful run @bronycon and I wanted to just give my heartfelt thanks to you all for your support, as well as purchasing the Roan RPG Pins.

As you can see above, we made over 200$ for the @160th_SOAR Night Stalker Association based out of Ft. Campbell KY.

I’m a proud son of a Night Stalker vet, my father, and I highly respect this organization for all that they do to defend our country, and I would like to thank you all for helping these veterans, as donations go to help the foundation with scholarships and more!


Want to learn a little more about the 160th, check their twitter as well as their website!




Bronycon 2017 Sit-rep!

A journey to and from Bronycon and Guest Artists


This is the way we go to Con, go to Con, go to Con!

Art by Raven Puff
Inspired by Bill Mauldin

I am reporting that the Roan Table was a grand success, with plenty of books moving, and Roan pins reaching the hands or hooves of many fans, new and old!

The proceed’s which will got to the Night Stalkers 160th Military Foundation reached nearly 200$ and I would like to thank all of those who bought a pin for supporting our US Military!

If you got a Pin just include @ClearSkiesGM in your twitter post to be recognized as a supporter!

Now to point out the amazing artists who were with us, and helped out!

Baron Engel

@baronengel was a pleasure to have at the Roan Booth, and pushed some amazing artwork. He is an extremely talented artist, able to work in multiple traditional and now digital platforms, and is a very knowledgeable fountain of information!


Want to know more, please check his Twitter!





Baron will be available to meet at the CrunchyRoll Expo, so if you are attending meet him and his amazingly talented wife, Smudge!
To help support him and his work, please go to his Patreon!

Duck Draws


Ducky is the creator of the three Bomber Girls, Octavia, Bon Bon, and Lyra, the lovely ladies were available at our Booth and we still have a limited supply left which will be out for order for those who were unable to attend but want one of these lovely ladies!

Duck_Draws - Bomber Girls

I was introduced to Duck not to long ago, and he is an awesome and hilarious guy to know! I was glad to have him at our table, and look forward to having him work on Roan RPG works in the future, as well as being a guest again!

If you want a Bomber Girl to call your own, just send a contact to me by Twitter, or, or email and I will respond asap! @ClearSkiesGM

To learn more about Ducky go to his twitter below! and his Patreon(NSFW)!









Shonuff has been a friend of mine for awhile, and is another grand artist to have around!
He’s provided artwork for Roan and as of over a year ago, has gone solo into the world of picarto streams and commission work to support his official comic Squeek and Shred!

For those who want to see the official Comic, please look at supporting his Patreon!


Wish to hear more news about Shonuff and his streams, just like the others above, check his twitter!








N8dogg5k is a great friend of mine, who has introduced me to many an amazing artists!

N8’s generosity is equal to his talent as an artist which is superb! Not only did he do the work for the Books Title as well as art which will appear in Roan World at War, but he has done and continues to create many amazing pieces of art!


He’ll soon have a Patreon of his own to help support the growth of his artwork, and I look forward to that growing!

N8dogg5k provided the artwork of Mjölna the Bomber Girl, based on the pony!

This cutey became the amazing Bomber Girl below! He has a few available and if you are interested, tune in to his streams, and you might have a chance of ordering or even winning one!

N8dogg5k Bomber Girl

Find out more at his Tweeter below!




Lil Miss Rarity (J)


I got to meet Jay a few Bronycons ago, and he was not only an enjoyable person to trade humorous stories with, but I also enjoyed his style of art, specifically how well he touched into the creep factor, which is what Roan needed when it came to discussing monsters and such!

Chitter Queen

Certainly expect a fun little adventure with meeting the Chitter Queen!

To learn more about Jay and his works, keep an eye on his Twitter (some NSFW)




Aphex Angel


A great artist, who has begun undertaking work to push his own comic, and support to make said comic grow!

His works are sharp, and he is talented as he is crazy, and funny! In the good ways.

Aphex I met a few cons ago and I like to consider him a great friend, who always pushes him self above and beyond in order to complete work! He is fast, reliable, and all round awesome guy!

You folks may remember his works with Stalkerloo and he has many awesome pieces to see on his DA as well!

He was not with us in person at Bronycon but certainly in spirit, and print, providing a sexy Newsie Vinyl Scratch, which we still have available for those who wish to order, limited run still left over!


Definitely connect with him via twitter to get more updates on his amazing work!