Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all from Lazy Company!

It seems Cause doesn’t really get the idea of proper food for the Holiday 😛

Art by the amazing RavenPuff inspiration from the good ol Peanuts Gang!

For folks who expressed their interest in world at war, expect a form Friday and then the Alpha book later on. The book is gonna start simple and then I will submit additions to ease testers into the system and make sure that each section meshes nicely!

Lazy Company – 11-02-2018


Art by RavenPuff

So it is looking like we will have a bit of rain here, but I have no time for that!

I’m currently writing out the benefits for each country in Roan, as well as the flaws that might plague them. The countries I’m working on so far are of course Roan, Canidia, Zebrica, The Empire of the Walking Sands, Falconigrad, Crowasia, and Ratvaria.

The primary rolls for game play are pretty much set in stone, including basic unit builds, but specialty units are still in the works and I’ll be needing testers again to see how well the Platoon system works!

Give a retweet/reply/message to me if you are interested in being a tester and I’ll send you an NDA before passing you the current build itself!

You all go and have a great weekend now!

Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 10-26-2018


So, can ya guess what the weather is looking to be like!

Halloween special is coming soon, and I do hope you all are watching and waiting as I’ll be asking for some testers for the World at War system!

Its been a lot of head to keyboard bashing, but I am certain this system will be nicely streamlined for you all, and give you that epic RTS style action while also being able to allow for individual character interaction!

Its been a lot of number crunching, but the micro/macro capability of the system should allow for easy flexibility in telling the Roan War story!

Art as always by the ever amazing RavenPuff whom you can see her site below!


Our characters for today is Clyde and Effect!

Till then folks, game on!

Clear Skies

Lazy Company – CANIDIANS ENTER THE FIELD – 10/12/2018


Ohh, and the Demo squad is doing such a good job too! The Canidians are certainly pleased during this joint exercise!

Hey folks, Clear Skies here with some October news!

We’ve got monsters in the works for Halloween to spice up your Roan experience, and I am busy cracking eggs with Roan: World at War!

I’ll be asking for testers very soon for the Beta, all the while this book will be put together to prep for a late December, or January Kickstarter!

Till then folks, trot on!

Clear Skies