Lazy Company – Remember that warm mud?

Talk about crazy weather going abouts!

Good day and a New Year!

May she be kinder, calmer, and less chaotic, as I think we could all use a break!

Roan News

It is the last legs, one of my largest updates for the backers has gone out which includes rules for Ranks, Commendations, and Additional Talents.

Ranks allow Officers to earn a few bonus points and also increase their Platoon by 1.

Commendations can last for the rest of the campaign, or they can be spent as a limited time bonus.

Talents are merely abilities that offer Platoons an advantage on the field!

A few minor works are weapon names and descriptions, which should at least anchor things down with equipment weapons.

One of the biggest challenges I found with Roan World at War, is having to look at things from a Platoon perspective and not a Character perspective, where a shovel might matter to the character, it is superfluous to a Platoon.

Still, lots learned, and lots of fun, and soon you can all expect to then see other armies introduced, and the long in writing Cyberpunk series!

Till then, Game On!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies!

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