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Work on the rulebook is close to completion. A few sections are yet to be finished, but many of the pages are ready, barring last-minute tweaks—and every project has its share of those.

In the last post I selected a handful of Baron’s sketches generated for the project. This time I thought I’d display a similar sampling of (nominally) completed pages from throughout the rulebook to provide an impression of what the final result will look like.


Part I, “The Ponies of Roan”, introduces the various pony tribes or races that live in the nation of Roan and contains the rules for creating pony characters along with examples. Page 2 is drawn from the first section, told partly as a monologue from a kelpie named Clear Skies and partly in game terms.


Part II, “Roan Rules of Play”, covers all the mechanics needed for the game. Page 42 is drawn from the basic task-resolution rules, including a concept unique to the Ubiquity system licensed for Roan, “Style Points”.


Part III, “The World of Roan”, is by far the biggest part of the book because it has the biggest task—presenting all the setting and background information needed to get a reasonably complete picture of the game world and everything in it. Page 88 deals with water vehicles, both general types and examples of specific models, that can be found in a world with 1920s–1940s technology.


Page 104 begins a several-page description of the mirages, a species of magical mimics with a culture inspired by Persia. This is just one of several additional species that are included thanks to the generous support of Kickstarter contributors, which was enough for the project to meet all its stretch goals.


Page 135 presents descriptive text and game statistics for creek men, one of dozens of creatures unique to Roan, or inspired by real myths and legends, included for the edification of players and game-masters. Some are benign, some don’t care very much, some are hostile, and a few are actively malevolent.

With page count closing in on 200, these are just a drop in the bucket! As one might imagine, I’m proud of the design and lay-out work I’ve done on this book, and I’m pleased to show folks this little glimpse into what we’ll be printing and shipping.

—Dave Bryant, Catspaw DTP Services

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  1. These look gorgeous! I may have to get two copies to keep a pristine first edition (possibly to get signed by as many folks as I can that had a hand in this).

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