Final stages

The Roan rulebook currently is in final review. Page count as it will go to press is 260. The book’s organizational structure has evolved considerably over the course of writing, design, and lay-out; here’s how it stands now:

Front matter includes a title page, copyright and simple credits page, a prefatory bit of background material, a table of contents, and an introduction.

The Ponies of Roan describes the various tribes living in Roan and lays out the rules for creating characters.

Rules of Play contains the game’s rules, including the magic unique to the game world.

Equipment and Vehicles details weapons, gear, and transportation for use in the game.

Non-Player Characters provides examples of ponies players and game-masters can use as written or as inspiration for their own characters; some are provided by Kickstarter backers.

Peoples and History gives context to the world in which the game is set, including background on the nation of Roan and on other major countries and species.

Creatures lists dozens of exotic animals and intelligent beings, with game statistics and considerable descriptive text.

Locations goes into more detail on several places or regions where adventures or whole games can be set, some provided by Kickstarter backers. One was devised by an experienced professional in the RPG field.

Credits and Thanks acknowledges all the contributors to Roan—writers, artists, backers, and anyone else who’s helped the project along.

—Dave Bryant, Catspaw DTP Services

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