Lazy Company 2-21-20

Some fun color work by RavenPuff of the newer Lazy Company troops, and an oldy (Peace Sign) created by JoeyCartoon!

So the recent update for World at War went out not to long ago, and I am readying the magic system for folks, which should go out about sunday!

Magic on a larger scale is quite different to write for, as opposed to the simpler math of character vs character.

I’ve begun to treat magic as artillery, due to the AoE effects they create, and because it is more sensible that a fireteam of spell casters numbering at 10 or more troopers, will create a larger area of effect!

Rolling with the punches, and with a bit of a cold (joy) which I think I got from katsucon (double joy).

You all have a wonderful weekend!

Clear Skies