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Good afternoon all, its been awhile since any updates have come up, do to so much work going into the Roan book.

The book is now being compiled piece by piece for layout, and as I continue to finish other parts of it, and receive artwork, more and more of it comes together.

With any good luck and blessings, this will all be ready by April not only for backers, but for Babscon as well.

Also expect to find Roan available at BronyCon 2016 this coming July 8th to the 10th.

Roan has gone through a lot of work, and a few bumps in the road, but the fight doesn’t stop, and it will not stop as Roan will not only be completed, but have new books come out as expansions and companion books to help grow your adventure within the world of Roan!

I’ve had a lot of artwork done for me by Mechyfoxy and others, and again I am happy and honored for the help that these talented people have offered, and you can expect to see them with future books, but in a more defined way per book!


Talent pieces, and Falconigrad pieces + more have been done and I hope you all enjoy the effort these artist have placed into the book!

As always, I thank you guys for watching us, and expect more news on table locations and updates for work!

Till then, soldier on folks!

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