Roan PDF and Books Officially here!



The books have arrived, and Bronycon went well, for I was able to meet many of the amazing backers who supported the project, as well as additional artists and writers who have interest in helping out with expanding the Roan Universe.

If you look to the right, you will see the DriveThruRPG tab, which will take you to the Roan PDF purchase, for those who still want a Hardback book, I am sending personal invoices out to people so I am able to ship them out to them.

Baron Engel will be streaming again soon, and do expect more news form him on how well things went with Roan!

I am now working upon the next major Roan expansion book, as well as micro adventure paths and supplements to help grow the world, so continue to check back as more and more effort is placed upon Roan to make it a great game!

PDFs are going for $20.00

Hardbacks are going for $49.95 + Shipping

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    • Yes you will! Especially for those who were backers and such, right now I need to work with RPGnow to gather up a series of tickets so that I can pass them out to people, as this will make keeping you all up to date extremely easy for me!

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