Artist Highlight – Dori-To

Dori-to is well known for his Silly Lyra series which can be found via his DA, seen on EQ Daily, or even at his tumblr. Its an adorable series, one that brings a lot of silly laughs, and moments of real life retrospection!


Click Brownies to go to his DA Page!

Not only does he dabble in art, he also works in animation which you can see in his youtube channel!

Seriously who puts pepper in water???

As always, many of these artists have patreons to help support their work, and also do picarto works, so please give them a watch or a bump on the patreon to show support!

As well, Dori-To, once timing is right, is going to be working with me on the Roan Comic that has been promised, so definitely expect that to come out once we tie up the story!


Till next time folks, game on!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

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