Baron Engel New Years Stream!

From the mouth of the great artist himself!

Also 5 lucky winners in the stream will receive a complimentary digital copy of Roan the RPG game accessible via Drive Thru RPG!

Baron Engel posted

New Years Eve Stream!

Help send 2016 on its way this Saturday starting at 5:30pmPacific on Picarto    As in years past we will be raising money for charitable cause, charity  to be announced, and everyone who donates money to the charity during  the stream will be in the running to win some cool stuff.    As in the past I will be working on colored pencil piece during the stream that will be one of the prizes.    Also as in past years one person whose donated money to the charity  during the stream will get the chance to have a color piece of their OC  done by me      

However this year we’ve got someone else stepping up to provide prizes for the night’s activities.  the creator Roan RPG  of the Roan  Roleplaying Game is donating 5 copies of the PDF version of the game to  folks who donate that evening. You can also buy the game at DriveThru RPG

So  join me Saturday evening as we show 2016 the door and look toward 2017.  It’ll be an evening of art, stories, and some really great folks. See  you there!

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