Roan and 2017 Status


As of this years tax total! Roan has worked up close to 40K in costs, that is nearly double the Kickstarter funds!

I’m at least proud to say, that I was happy to put every cent into this project and to have so many supporter help me as well! To see this game grow, and this world become real for you all to play in and enjoy!

I am going on a short vacation, where I’ll be relaxing, and taking all my notes and working on Roan: World at War. The next major expansion!

Roan Cards

This aside, I had a lot of work go on, including TAXES! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I’m glad to say that is out of the way, and I’m not the only one who suffered!

Poor Clear Skies the Kelpi has to put up with doing the taxes for the Wild Geese Bar and Mercenaries!

Clear Skies color

Art by Silfoe



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