Extra Extra – Bronycon News, Streams, and New Friday Roan Comic



Just because you can call a cannon a big rifle, doesn’t mean you should treat it like one!
Another wonderful piece by Raven Puff, based again on Bill Mauldin!


The newest delights are coming to the Roan Table! Solid Brass pins valued at 8$ a pop will be on display and ready for purchase!

Join us at Table #617 to obtain your pin, also come and greet amazing artists such as Baron Engel, Shonuff 44, J of Lil Miss Rarity (some NSFW), N8dogg5k, and Ducky of Duck Draws.

These are all amazing artists, and many more will be at Bronycon so do say hi to us all!

Also tomorrow starting around 5:30 Pacific time, Baron Engel will be doing his artstream so do join him and watch his amazing work!



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