Lazy Company – 1-11-2019 – Con News

Good Evening all (Stateside at least!)

While D-Range fixes up the new bunker home, I’m working hard on the weapons section of the Roan World at War book!

Good news is countries are completed for the moment and ready for testing, but what will help testers out is having weapons to utilize!

Sorry for missing out last week, I was busy at MAG-Fest and forgot to set up the auto post, that and the Government Shutdown has been unnecessary loads of fun (as a contractor) with having to now push heavy heavy HEAVY duty time to cover missing people.

So my brain is currently prepared for sleepy sleepy times!!!

Fear not! We will be at ANTHROCON, and I am waiting for news to see if I have a possible seat at Babscon as well as Bronycon (which I have had a seat at Bronycon for nearly every year its been in Baltimore!)

Again expect special artist guests to join me, and to hear news about the World at War kickstarter and the Clear Skys LLC Video Game Development campaign (once World at War is complete)

Sincerely Clear Skys

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