Lazy Company – 9-20-2019 – World at War Kickstarter

Art by RavenPuff

Currently we are at 9,189$ thanks to so many people, and one particular backer who put in 5,000$ whom I reached out to to make sure that they didn’t accidentally add an extra 0. Still waiting to hear from them!

This means folks will be receiving 4 additional countries as well as an e-book of the Roan comic. All of this as long as nobody has their account bounce (which can happen) but I am looking forward to bringing these to you all!

Roan has had a lot of support, and the future of Roan is a big thank you to that world from me, in the form of a video game that I look forward to working with folks I’ve met.

From there its working with the crew to enter into the video game market properly, but don’t worry, long as fans of Roan are around, content will be made!

Continue to watch the kickstarter, and please put in your support to help out!

Keep your eyes here as I await new art from RavenPuff of the delightful Lazy Company!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies
Creator of Roan

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