Lazy Company & Babscon – 10-04-2019

Gotta get that hot water no matter what!

Happy Friday folks, and I do hope you all are doing well!

The kickstarter still sits shy of 10K and after trying to reach out to specific parties, I am now worried about one who has continued to not responded about the 5K they have put in, hopefully it does not become a case of that backer suddenly disappearing at the end.

On other news, I have been invited as a guest for Babscon! CHEERS!

I will also be running Roan: World at War for some lucky people who put in for the Babscon charity, so continue to keep an eye on Babscon to learn more!

Help spread the Roan: World at War Kickstarter and lets hope for a successful game!

Till next time, take care all!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

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