Lazy Company – 11/08/2019

Art by Raven Puff

Good morning folks, lets work them eyelids!

So I’ve been doing the re-read re-read re-read of Roan World at War and running it through Grammarly. That website, is actually pretty amazing for what it offers!

I’ve been doing rewrites of some of the rules to be in the active tense as well as making more sense over all!

Surveys have come in from backers, so now I get to begin processing those, sending out the initial rewards of the rpg game, and more importantly, working with artists so that I can begin showing off the work going into the book!

Initial artists on the team are linked below!


Baron Engel


I am keeping the artist list small this time, I may have at least one or two others join in the future.

Till next time folks, take it easy!

Robert aka Clear Skies

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