Lazy Company 12-20-2019

Ever have one of those days like Dale is having?

Careful what company you hire to make your weapons!

The Christmas holiday is round the corner, and I wish good tidings and a good end of the year to everyone here whether Christmas is your thing or not!

The best to you all as I continue working on mispellings and grammar re-writes for Roan World at War!

Currently just waiting on the initial art still from my primary concept artist, that way I can begin passing the work out to the rest of the artists!

Till then, you all take it easy folks!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

2 thoughts on “Lazy Company 12-20-2019

  1. Hey, Mr. Morris I tried to access the paypal to get a hard back copy of Roan and the link didn’t work. A sggestios?

    • Sorry, the hard back is current out of order, and only the e-book is available. A new hardback will be made available on DriveThruRPG as soon as I finish completing the World at War book. The new hardback will include fixes to the rules and grammar!

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