Lazy Comp and to the best Dad! 1-17-2020

In the ranking eyes of God, he IS GOD! He is the crew chief, he is the caretaker of the Eden called Chinook MH47E! He watches as she unloads her children of controlled chaos, and he is there when she collects them!

Pops served in the US Army as part of the 160th Night Stalker SOAR also referred to as the DARK HORSES – Because Death rides a Dark Horse.

The Night Stalkers were created officially in 1981 and my dad went from PSYOPS to SOAR!

Known Mottos – “”Night Stalkers don’t quit!”, “Death waits in the dark!”, “Six guns don’t miss!””

For all the work he had to deal with in the the 80s and early 90s, he always ALWAYS found a way to come home when my sis and I were sick, or got hurt badly. Always quick with advice, and willing to lend an ear.

I will always be proud of my pops, love ya dad!

Be sure to support a Night Stalker!

These amazing people were one of the few who helped to support me with a Scholarship, being of Irish and Korean decent, I didn’t have a large pool of support to pull from in early 2000s, and I don’t think many of us do today. Yet I graduated, and I am doing hard work to ensure our safety, as well as bringing you all great RPG fun with ROAN!

Now for your regular Lazy Company buffoonery!

Wisely pick your time to sit on the officers bar stool!

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