Lazy Company 3-13-2020

Art by RavenPuff, please go and support her and her amazing artwork! Find more at and follow, watch, and commission!

Artists need love!

These ponies are doing their part to keep things clean, are you!

With Covid-19 out and about, folks should remember to stay calm and keep a good habit of washing your hands, not coughing on people (use that elbow as a sneeze guard) and once again keeping calm!

Roan is in the final tweaks of magic and equipment, and then I can begin sending the draft out to CatsPaw for editing and layout, once the layout is done, artist can begin filling in for the required locations of the book!

Stay safe out there folks and be careful! With any luck, I will be seeing you all in California come April for Babscon!

If not, I’ll see you all next time, important to be safe, but still go and support your favorite artists and writers, as this will be some tough times for them!

Robert M aka Clear Skies.

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