Artist Highlight – Baron Engel

Baron Engel

This is the man behind the cover art, and much of the detailed interior pieces ranging from vehicles, to the use of pony firearms!

Baron was also with me at Bronycon 2016 and I’ll be joining him for Babscon 2017!

He has a strong traditional background, and is beginning to expand into the digital works! He’s gone full freelance, and I expect great things to come from him, as he is the rare triad of artists, one who provides quality, speed, and great attitude!

Baron regular does a stream every other week on Picarto at 5:30 pm Pacific Time, so be sure to come and check out his work! He does a wonderful job, and likes to talk about his abilities, and what works for him as well as sillyness!

Guesting with him is his friend Caerdwyn and adds to the humor as well as doing the bi-weekly Drink of the day mixture! So be sure to stop by!

Check out his work below! There is certainly more in the book, and Baron will be coming back for Roan: World at War – A War themed expansion book!

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