Books out of Stock!

The paypal books are out of stock, and I am busy sending away the new orders for backers as well, so things will slow up hardback wise, but expect things to open up soon enough, once I get well enough into all of this!

Till then, I really thank you all for your support, as well expect adventure paths to come soon, as writers are working away on them best and fast as they can!

Clear Skys aka Robert M.

2 thoughts on “Books out of Stock!

  1. Just wanted a bit of clarification- and I hope I don’t impose by asking- but when you say “new orders for backers”, do you include all of the books for backers or have the original backer rewards been sent out already? I know it’s a lot of books and packaging, so I expect it will all take some time.

    • I had a set of books put aside for convention, what was left would go to any online orders. Backers I’ve had 100 books, a number of these were given to their respective backers at Bronycon, many of whom haven’t gotten back to me on the reception as I hoped (bought 30 folks). The rest of the books, bout 70 are shipped or being shipped (50 sent out this month, and I got 20 packaged and in my car).
      The tough one is going to be over sea shipping, as I have to feel out documents for that ;3;

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