After Bronycon Report Pt1

CON CRUD!!!!!!!!!!


Sometimes you’ll do anything to get a good nights sleep! Clyde is a smart pony, for being such a big guy! Its what made him the Company Engineer!

Aside from that, the convention went super well, and I got to see some friends again, whom I wanna thank for being awesome as always, this being Fluffle Puff, Aphex (Stalkerloo) Lil Miss Rarity (aka J), BonusJosh, SweetCream, my gosh tons of amazing friends!

Plus, the debut of the Roan Animation by Captain Hoerse!!!!

Expect to hear more news here on Roan WORLD AT WAR as we near the December timeline where I want to kickstart the expansion!

I’m going to be burning a lot of oil to keep my brain functioning as I continue to hammer out stats and story for the game!

3 thoughts on “After Bronycon Report Pt1

  1. Hi there!
    I’m doing a news-blog about all the different RPGs with the Ubiquity rules. Can you tell me something more about your planned expansion? How about the adventure you planned?
    Have a nice day,


    • Roan is going to enter into a World War which will follow an abstract use of warfare with platoon vs. platoon combat.
      A lot of balancing is going into creating the various platoons. Future additions whether to the main book or as micro expansions will include creating airships, ships, and other types of vehicle combat. A lot more that really can’t be presented in such a short summary!

      • Thank you very much. Sounds like cool stuff, even if you don’t like ponies this much 😉 .If there is anything more you want to share, please send me a mail or message.

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