After Bronycon Report Pt 2 + Lazy Company!


Dale desperately wants his hot cup o’joe! I know that feeling all to well!

For those who wish to know a little more about some of the comics, they are inspired and share heavy similarities with Bill Mauldin’s work, a man known for his military humor while surviving on the front-lines of WW2, so click this blurb to see a compilation of his work that is in one easy to read book via amazon!

Also we are always happy to hear about some of your own military humor to make into easy one shots!

Bronycon After Action Report Pt 2

I had an amazing time meeting gamers and fans of the Roan RPG, and have been working now on getting both Roan World at War ready as well as the Roan 2.0 edition of the rule book with cleaner rules, and changes to said rules to balance the game out!

Bronycon might end in 2019, or it might have a resurrection, me personally if Bronycon comes back, I would hope for the venue to be at the DC Harbor as that hotel is awesome especially during MAGfest.

A lot of folks are sad over this con going, but folks should know that it isn’t the only con, and MLP itself will never leave us, I’ve been a major Dominion Tank Police fan for the longest time and that show hasn’t had a resurgence, doesn’t me I haven’t lost the love I got for it, nor the friends I made over the anime!

Don’t forget your friends, and just keep the show close to your heart, you’ll not be sorry that you did, especially a show that fosters good friends and fun times!

So after that, expect more from me as I continue bashing away on the keyboard here, as well as an update to the website in the coming month which will allow me to better organize the comics as well as add an official Forum for Roan itself!

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