Lazy Company – 12/06/2018

Art by MechyFox click here to see his work!

Happy winter Friday everyone, and today we have Suppression, which will be an important factor in the Roan World at War rules.

As opposed to the normal Health Points (HP) system that we find so familiar to us, World at War will utilize a Suppression Health Points (SHP) system which works in an abstract concept.

As a Platoon takes Suppression Health Point (SHP) losses, it can be seen as units being wounded, weapons being broken, or their personal morale slowly being chipped away.

Once SHP hits zero, a point of damage is done to the Platoon Morale Points (PMP), which is an abstract representation of the overall Platoons ability to continue fighting.

When PMP takes any damage, a Morale roll is made using the left over Platoon Morale Points as the Dice Pool. The more damage taken, the more the Morale Roll suffers.

Once the Platoon has failed their Dice Pool roll for Morale, they are considered to be retreating, captured, or KIA/MIA. This can be adjusted by the GM for the sake of the story, such as the case of MIA leading to a Prison break mission where characters or Platoons work to free their imprisoned comrades!

Want to help ensure the system works out well, join the campaign and get a copy of the early early variation of the current rule set to alpha test!

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