Lazy Company & Roan World at War- 8-23-2019

Art as always, by the ever lovely batty – Ravenpuff!

Its been awhile troopers, but I’m back from the post-con fatigue, and minor sadness with the end of Bronycon, as it was a local convention for me, and one I had a ton of fun at!

With such great memories, comes big news for you all!

Roan will be entering in to its next KickStarter this coming September, and the focus is on a macro scale rule set for Platoon warfare. I am currently getting the final resources gathered to properly start the kickstarter!

More importantly, what is the current Kickstarter Goal, and what do you get with the game?

Roan World at War

The game focuses on Platoon scale combat, where your single character marker represents a Platoon on the field.
Much of the game takes the concept of macro sized warfare and abstracts it for speed and simplicity.
Current plans for Platoon creation are for the country of Roan and Ratvaria, but if the kickstarter goes well, I will work to further include other countries.

You must be wondering why I don’t have too many countries included, and this is because of the scale of work that goes into working on the various military units.

Each country may share similar types of troops such as fireteams, and engineers, but each country has their own training for their specialized troops, and this isn’t even getting into the dirty details of weapons, vehicles, and other equipment!

I hope you all will keep an eye on this site as I continue to give you all updates about further content and news on the Kickstarter, as well as answering questions folks have asked of my over at Bronycon such as the 2.0 update for the Roan book, and what to expect of future content.

Till then, game on folks!

Robert M. – Clear Skies

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