Lazy Company – 8-30-2019

Careful when cleaning mortar tubes that a charge didn’t get lodged in it!

A wonderful batty pony did this amazing piece! – Ravenpuff!

Hello folks, I’m working up to prepare for the Kickstarter which I hope to launch in two weeks!

Tiers will range fro basic support which includes obtaining the E-book for Roan World at War, to the higher tiers that include having an art piece done of your character which will be placed in the book or having an art piece turned into a wooden figurine to be used as a character representation of your Platoon upon a map!

I’m going to be working with Earth Pony Creations to see about having these custom wood prints created.

There is also Samoht-Lions specially designed Roan Clock which will be awarded to upper tiers as well!

The planned goal is currently looking to be about 6,000$ in order to cover art, layout and design, and taxes. Additional funds will be put towards stretch goals as well as future Clear Skys LLC projects which include expanding out into video game development.

Stretch Goals will include more countries being designed and balanced, adventures, and additional adventures. These bonus content will be made as separate E-books, high tier backers will get this automatically, low tier may purchase them when they become available on DriveThruRPG.

Why an E-Book?

Having mailed nearly 400 books personally was quite a time consuming event for myself, as an E-Book it can reach a wider audience quickly, BUT the option to have the Book done as a Print-on-Demand is available on DriveThruRPG and even better, those books can be printed and mailed from their distribution office to just about anywhere world wide, again this makes things easier for me when it comes to European and Asian supporters!

Keep an eye on the site folks for more news to come on the Roan World at War Kickstarter as well as a discussion video that talks about how the system will work, and what is being tested!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

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