Lazy Company- 9-6-2019 World at War Kickstarter

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So next week, September 14 2019, Roan: World at War will kickstart the next book in the aim at bringing you all a Platoon scale of warfare.

The book will begin as an e-book with optional order for a hardback via the website DriveThruRPG. The reason behind this is that it will cut down on the shipping costs, and make it more accessible to gamers worldwide who want a hardback version of the game.

World at War aim is to provide Platoon combat with each Platoon represented by a single character marker. Your troops will be provided skill lists, unit lists, special unit lists, equipment, and vehicles.

The combat rules aim at providing intense military combat in the form of phases. Platoons can move their full distance during their movement phase, then attack during their combat phases which there are 3 of. Phases are important as they are a measurement of time when calling in distant support such as artillery, or air support.

Currently the build provides two armies, that being the Roan Military and the Ratvarian Military. This is due to the amount of options that have to be balanced. Stretch goals will include adding additional countries as expansion books which will be provided to backers of the book.

Other standalone expansions that will be in the works are rules for ship/airship creation for air and naval combat.

High tier backers will be able to have their character(s) presented in the book, higher tier backers will receive a would cut figure of their commander plus stand as a representation of their platoon upon their game mat.

I’ve been hard at work with this game for a few years now, but I look forward to you all enjoying the system and using it along side the original Roan RPG book.

The aim is to provide a stand alone system that can be used in combination with the main Roan book. Platoons under the World at War rules, surrounded a weapons lab. Special forces under the Roan RPG rules, enter the facility to steal/destroy weapons of the opposing force.

More information will be provided so keep an eye here, as well as on the Roan Kickstarter site once it goes up!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

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