Lazy Company 2-21-20

Some fun color work by RavenPuff of the newer Lazy Company troops, and an oldy (Peace Sign) created by JoeyCartoon!

So the recent update for World at War went out not to long ago, and I am readying the magic system for folks, which should go out about sunday!

Magic on a larger scale is quite different to write for, as opposed to the simpler math of character vs character.

I’ve begun to treat magic as artillery, due to the AoE effects they create, and because it is more sensible that a fireteam of spell casters numbering at 10 or more troopers, will create a larger area of effect!

Rolling with the punches, and with a bit of a cold (joy) which I think I got from katsucon (double joy).

You all have a wonderful weekend!

Clear Skies

When you roll a bad perception check, or the enemy makes an amazing stealth check. Either way, you are in a lot of trouble!

So previously I released the next beta of the book, and also I am slated for Babscon as both a dealer and a speaker.

If you wish to learn about game design, and starting your own kickstarter, please join me, questions and all, and I’ll do my best to help you with your own project dreams!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Comp and to the best Dad! 1-17-2020

In the ranking eyes of God, he IS GOD! He is the crew chief, he is the caretaker of the Eden called Chinook MH47E! He watches as she unloads her children of controlled chaos, and he is there when she collects them!

Pops served in the US Army as part of the 160th Night Stalker SOAR also referred to as the DARK HORSES – Because Death rides a Dark Horse.

The Night Stalkers were created officially in 1981 and my dad went from PSYOPS to SOAR!

Known Mottos – “”Night Stalkers don’t quit!”, “Death waits in the dark!”, “Six guns don’t miss!””

For all the work he had to deal with in the the 80s and early 90s, he always ALWAYS found a way to come home when my sis and I were sick, or got hurt badly. Always quick with advice, and willing to lend an ear.

I will always be proud of my pops, love ya dad!

Be sure to support a Night Stalker!

These amazing people were one of the few who helped to support me with a Scholarship, being of Irish and Korean decent, I didn’t have a large pool of support to pull from in early 2000s, and I don’t think many of us do today. Yet I graduated, and I am doing hard work to ensure our safety, as well as bringing you all great RPG fun with ROAN!

Now for your regular Lazy Company buffoonery!

Wisely pick your time to sit on the officers bar stool!

Lazy Company 12-20-2019

Ever have one of those days like Dale is having?

Careful what company you hire to make your weapons!

The Christmas holiday is round the corner, and I wish good tidings and a good end of the year to everyone here whether Christmas is your thing or not!

The best to you all as I continue working on mispellings and grammar re-writes for Roan World at War!

Currently just waiting on the initial art still from my primary concept artist, that way I can begin passing the work out to the rest of the artists!

Till then, you all take it easy folks!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Remember folks, don’t be this guy…he means well, but……..yeah.

So news on the book, slowly getting the pieces and parts out to CatsPaw, and getting art ready, so now its just rolling with the punches, the edits, and the continued work to ensure you all get this amazing book 😀

Till next time folks, game on!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies