Lazy Company – 11/22/2019

Art by RavenPuff

Good day to you all!

I have been working on the Skill list for Roan World at War, which also involves a lot of editing when one realizes that certain skills don’t fit very well on a Platoon level.

With these changes, also comes the need to redefine what a Skill Specialization is and Skill Branches (normally called Specialized Skills in the HEX system…bit confusing there.)

The system shares some ground rules with HEX, but over all, it is a completely different system due to its nature of commanding a platoon, as well as extreme abstraction of warfare.

As well, a donation has been made to the 160th Night Stalkers foundation, and I’m just waiting on the finalization and receipt.

All that aside, I do hope you all are as eager for Turkey day as I am!

More importantly, I will be attending Babscon as a guest, and I shall be running a special game of Roan World at War for players who wish to join!

I’m extremely excited to be able to see many friends again, and I do hope you all are ready to support this great con so we can continue to meet new people!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 11/15/2019

Careful who you have as a foxhole buddy Newbie!

Been a busy week folks, working on world at war, accepting suggestions for changes and balances, and dealing with the car, so fun time there!

Progress marches on though, and I am excited with how the work for World at War is coming along, now to get that artwork!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 11/08/2019

Art by Raven Puff

Good morning folks, lets work them eyelids!

So I’ve been doing the re-read re-read re-read of Roan World at War and running it through Grammarly. That website, is actually pretty amazing for what it offers!

I’ve been doing rewrites of some of the rules to be in the active tense as well as making more sense over all!

Surveys have come in from backers, so now I get to begin processing those, sending out the initial rewards of the rpg game, and more importantly, working with artists so that I can begin showing off the work going into the book!

Initial artists on the team are linked below!


Baron Engel


I am keeping the artist list small this time, I may have at least one or two others join in the future.

Till next time folks, take it easy!

Robert aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 10-25-2019

Art by RavenPuff

Good day you all, as we welcome the coming Hallows Eve! Expect a surprise Lazy Company once that arrives, till then. NEWS!

I’ll try to pop into Baron’s stream so keep your eyes open for that folks!

So I’ve only a few more days of waiting to go before kickstarter funds Roan: World at War. This will mean I can go forward with some of the early bonuses for folks, and begin getting required information such as character art, and discussing what and where their characters will appear within said art (for the larger scenic pieces).

Till then folks, have a great weekend!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – Roan World at War Update

Its been a busy week, one that has had my concentration drained thanks to work, but I continue to work on progressing Roan: World at War which surpassed its kickstarter funding goal, thanks to so many wonderful people!

Currently I am waiting the 2 week period for the processing of payment before I officially begin reaching out to folks with the survey as I want to be sure that all clients have no issues come up!

Be ready for plenty of news though on Roan, and the story of the war itself as I begin to really push on the writing balances, and additions!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – World at War Kickstarter – 10-11-2019

A grand Huzzah folks, we’ve hit the 10K for Roan: World at War!

This fully helps to ensure the development of the game, and don’t you worry about the additional things like the Naval Expansion/Airship Expansion, those will surely come, it’ll just take longer, but they will come, and I do hope that many of you enjoy it!

I also want to thank many of you for always being supportive of the game, and expect a special game to be run at BABSCON 2020, with the entrance fee being setup as donations for support to special needs!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company & Babscon – 10-04-2019

Gotta get that hot water no matter what!

Happy Friday folks, and I do hope you all are doing well!

The kickstarter still sits shy of 10K and after trying to reach out to specific parties, I am now worried about one who has continued to not responded about the 5K they have put in, hopefully it does not become a case of that backer suddenly disappearing at the end.

On other news, I have been invited as a guest for Babscon! CHEERS!

I will also be running Roan: World at War for some lucky people who put in for the Babscon charity, so continue to keep an eye on Babscon to learn more!

Help spread the Roan: World at War Kickstarter and lets hope for a successful game!

Till next time, take care all!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 9-27-2019

If it’s stupid but works, it isn’t stupid…sometimes

Good afternoon this fine Friday folks, I do hope you are all well!

As you all know, we are nearing the 10K mark, and we aren’t far from the 12K mark which will help to advance the schedule for the Naval/Airship book!

Till next time folks, enjoy the comic!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 9-20-2019 – World at War Kickstarter

Art by RavenPuff

Currently we are at 9,189$ thanks to so many people, and one particular backer who put in 5,000$ whom I reached out to to make sure that they didn’t accidentally add an extra 0. Still waiting to hear from them!

This means folks will be receiving 4 additional countries as well as an e-book of the Roan comic. All of this as long as nobody has their account bounce (which can happen) but I am looking forward to bringing these to you all!

Roan has had a lot of support, and the future of Roan is a big thank you to that world from me, in the form of a video game that I look forward to working with folks I’ve met.

From there its working with the crew to enter into the video game market properly, but don’t worry, long as fans of Roan are around, content will be made!

Continue to watch the kickstarter, and please put in your support to help out!

Keep your eyes here as I await new art from RavenPuff of the delightful Lazy Company!

Robert M. aka Clear Skies
Creator of Roan